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[OOC: First Mod Post~!]

Okay, well..due to some major suckage in the life of our previous great-and-wonderful Tsunade-mun/mod, Meg (Hanabi-mun) and I have offered to take over bsuni and bsuni_ooc for her and Em. e___e Tsunade will now be somewhat of an NPC, only used for accepting and rejecting applications and editting some things, though Rachael will be sticking around as our Housei. :3

Both Meg and I really hope we do a good job, and all of that good stuff, and that everyone here enjoys us as your new mods. =D

We've done a bit of work today, fixed up the user info a bit and some little things like that. First of all, we have updated the friends adding list, and the taken character section, which now has a 'pending' portion as well. If you want us to hold a character, get a hold of us and tell us so, and we will add the character to the pending list for one week. Once the week is up, that character is free game again if the person they were reserved for haven't applied as them or been accepted as them.

We updated and changed around a couple of rules, but nothing major whatsoever. We also added one or two new 'questions' to the character application sheet, but that doesn't really apply to established players. The biggest 'rule change' that we have made is an activity check. We will be making sure players are active, and doing their part, and if they are just..dead and unresponsive, then their character will be put back up for grabs. You can find further details about this issue in bsuni_ooc, where I am going to post about it after I finish up here!

New feature we've added (somewhat new anyway) is a player contact list. You can visit that to find out a little bit more about your fellow players, and see who plays whom.

And I guess that's all for now. Thank you for your attention, and I hope you guys have a great time with Meg and I as your new mods!

We've got some event ideas brewing, trust me. We just have to discuss it further. My Ino muse is thinking she wants to have a film festival, and /that's/ definitely a possibility..
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