slashedhaiate (slashedhaiate) wrote in bsuni,

Who: Sasuke. (Momentary)Shikamaru. Open.
What: Laundry, thus far.
Where: Campus grounds.
When: Mid-Morning.
Warning(s): None, at the moment.
Why: I was bored out of my mind. We need more going on!

Uchiha Sasuke was one of many things, but a maid wasn't one of them. Cleaning and what not had not surpassed him, his dormitory room cleanly and organized simply because he did not make the mess so he need not clean one.

However, laundry was unavoidable-- unless one wanted to smell and that was completely against his character to do so. And thus, the youngest Uchiha had gathered his laundry; black slacks and jeans, a few sleeveless tees and turtlenecks, some bandages, a few dress shirts, ties, socks, undergarments, those terrible pink/white and blue/white aprons and other things to be washed-- fancier clothing excluded simply because that was not meant for school washing machines which would only rip and stain them.

And so, with a basked full of dirty--and yet folded-- clothes he headed towards the school laundry room, toting the objects along with only a faint strain.
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