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Who: Uchiha Sasuke (slashedhaiate) & Uzumaki Naruto (covetous)
What: Naruto runs in to Sasuke whilst heading back from the caf with his mouldy apple in check, things occur, apples are thrown out, people are pinned, gyms get steamy (well, not really,) and dun.. dun.. dun! Sasuke's human?
Where: Corridors, Cafeteria and the Gym~
When: Some time in this last little while, we need to get active guys!
Warnings: MUFFINS WERE EATEN IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS ROLE PLAY. WELL, DIGITAL ONES. And so sue me if the log is coded weird, it's three am. xD


Dark eyes slid up from their position on the tiled floors of the school, hands moved from his sides and into jean pockets, each comfortable with the faint support given to his arms. Lips pursed into a thin line as those black pants stretched over his legs before rumpling over those black boots. Silver belt buckle gave a faint shine, contrasting against that sleeveless black turtleneck, which seemed to mimic the jeans in its pressed but messy style. Headed for the school cafeteria more or less-- not wanting to go into town so early.

As it was, Naruto was a little—No, very low on income. Even after going to hell for his job, he only got paid once a month, and even if that was to be a damn good paycheck (as it was, he was all deserving,) he was still a week away and trying to survive in the chilled backseat of Kyuu-chan, three layers of sweaters and blankets covering him when he slept. He hadn’t had the money to pay entirely for the school’s registration and missed any memo assigning dorms, therefore found no other refuge in the shell of steel that got him through so many years—Precious Kyuu-Chan.

Conveniently parked a block from the school in the Kwik-Mart’s grungy parking lot he was within walking distance from the school, and took to his good graces by walking there every morning to indulge in what was the free portion of breakfast, bruised apple and juice, could life get any better? Probably. Well, yes. Yes, it could.

Pressing the rim of the cup to his lips he was already on his exit, not wanting to really explain his slinking behaviour (the lunch lady’s groggy glare was enough every damn morning,) and so was out back in the corridor, choking back juice that qualified more as a solid while tossing his apple in his left hand. Didn’t matter if he dropped it, really was just one big bruise.

Blue eyes flickered up, noting someone else was there and just as soon as the paper cup left his lips he grinned. “Sasuke-Chaaaan, long time no see.” He cooed, careful to stop in his paces and keep the proper distance between them for the prevention of not getting himself beat up and perhaps a proper escape.

Digits pushed up through those soft locks for a moment-- stopping in mid movements he heard the call of his... well... part of his name and that annoying add-on.

“Hello.” It was the polite response, and the best one he was able to give to the other as he would drop that hand down into his pockets with a little frown tugging at the corners of his lips. “And, for the millionth time-- because you seem a bit to numbed and dumb to get it though your head-- I'm not Sasuke-Chan.. just, Sasuke, I'm not a girl, I'm not effeminate, and I'm not younger then you.” He snorted a little as his frown thinned out into a line, that one black boot lifting as he continued forward, thin frame heading towards the sought destination still, black wrappings clinging tightly about his lower left arm and one thin strip tucked under his neck, blocking those painfully dark tattoos from view.

“Ah, but you see—you could pass for a girl, you are in fact pretty effeminate and although you may indeed be older, as you claim, you don’t really show it.” He teased, knowing all too well that the other did in fact look slightly intimidating. Perhaps he should lessen in his attempts at mockery, but since when was that really him?

“And, out of friendliness, don’t try the juice.” He said offhand, scrunching his nose and tossing the third full cup to an available trash-can a few feet away, not at all caring that it spilled some mid-air, it did hit target. “Nasty shit.” He shook his head, and no sooner was there another grin plastered on his face.

He blinked a few times as he glanced over to the other, “Friendly advice?” He would have chuckled--but that might have looked unusual. Instead he leaned back just a little, hands remaining in his pockets, “I'm going to get some coffee elsewise I think the morning will kill me…”

Why was he telling the other this? he didn’t know... he really needed his coffee.

“Oh? Am I not the only threat in Sassy-Chan’s life?” Naruto said with a risen brow, smirk still plastered over his lips (perhaps more so now, as he was intrigued,) and while caressing the dull red and green splotched apple in his hand with a sole finger he took a few steps forward, head cocked to the side.

“Don’t think you’re the only person with troubles.”

“I don’t doubt that I am, and you're hardly a threat to my life.” He rolled his eyes and made a quick approach-- however all he did was snag the apple from the blond haired male and chuck it into the trashcan after the cup which had recently found its home there.

“H-Hey!” Naruto’s eyes lingered mournfully at the trash bin for a few long moments before turning back to give a glare to the Uchiha. “That was my breakfast! What’d you do that for?” He scowled, crossing tan arms over his chest and giving the most irritated look he could muster. After all, he doubted he was – Or would be able to—eat that thing, but that wasn’t reason for the Uchiha to throw it out.

“Come on idiot...” He grabbed the front of the others shirt to tug him along towards the cafeteria. “If you eat crap food all the time its going to kill you…” Was this Sasuke offering breakfast, more or less in his own angry way. But it was free food, right?

Stepping along as he would then lead the other into the mostly-empty early-morning cafeteria.

Uh. Was Sassy-Chan offering up free food? Actual, non -bruised, -chemical treated and or stale food? Naruto’s eyes were wide for a second as he let himself be dragged, not protesting just yet as he tried to figure the game that was being played. There had to be one, right? Poison? Huh?

“If you’re payin’ I have no problem with it, Sasuke-Chan.” He said with his grin slipping back, amusement clearly shown as he brought up a hand to pry off the one on his shirt—Surprised it wasn’t as easy as expected. “Y’can leggo.”

Fingers released and in one liquid movement were drawn back in as arms were crossed in front of that black top. “I'm paying as long as you don’t attempt to put me in debt, bog-mouth.” A cool glance was given over his shoulder, thin brow raising before he stepped up to the counter, taking a moment to look over the items before speaking up, “Third coffee selection, one poppy-seed muffin, and a bagel, cream cheese, no butter or any other crap which I do not need. And wash your hands first.”

Yeah, Sasuke-chan was quiet possibly meaner without his coffee…

“Oyy, don’t get pissy at the lunch lady.” Naruto said, elbowing the ebony haired male without much care to the woman’s risen brow, “She’ll spit in your food.” He tacked on, losing any respect from said lady as she rolled her eyes at him. The blonde then frowned, his mind catching up to what was heard.

“Poppy-seed muffin?” He echoed, giving the Uchiha an incredulous look.

Shaking his head the blond turned to the woman again, “And tack on to his order some toast—whole wheat, medium coffee with two cream one sugar,” He smirked at the Uchiha, “and a blueberry muffin.” He would’ve been content with his apple, but for the sake of charging up what was free he found himself with a pleasant breakfast.

For once.

“Yes, Poppy-seed muffin, I don’t need a dozen pieces of unnecessary dried fruit in my food.” He rolled his eyes as he strolled towards the end where the food would be waiting and he would pay, “I also don’t like blending my food on my plate, but I'm sure you can learn to get over that trauma.”

Snorting softly, hand went into his back pocket pulling free that fairly worn-- he bent it a lot when he got bored or annoyed-- wallet and removed the desired amount of cash to pay for the food and the necessary fifteen percent tip-- obligation rather then pleasure from the service-- and then his tray was lifted and a lunch table became his new aim.

Naruto gave a long calculating look to Sasuke’s back before following, snatching up his half of the order without thanks, as well as a few condiments as he walked by the proper place, before stalking Sasuke to the table of his choice (or perhaps Naruto’s, as he happened to skip ahead a few steps and sit down regardless of whether the other was to join him.)

“Y’know Uchiha, you’re not as much of a bastard as I would’ve thought.” He said with a nod, plastic knife in hand as he cocked his head to the side to look at said male and check if he was bothering to sit with him or not—Didn’t much matter, but hey, common courtesy? Oh wait, didn’t that imply he should’ve thanked him… Ah, later, later.

“Then again Sassy-Chan, you did owe me for my apple.” He was exaggerating, but smirked as he unfolded the wax paper on his toast and liberally applied a strawberry jelly to it with a satisfied smirk.

“I also owe you a kick in the ass, you just haven’t gotten it yet.” He muttered sitting down as he sorted his food on the table, tray set to the side. Cream cheese spread on the bagel, coffee already sweetened per his order, and muffin top popped off as he ate that part the first-- and liked it the most anyway-- biting down in-between his drinks of coffee it seemed the student fell silent.

“Don’t get your hopes up.” Naruto said with a sly grin while pressing his lips to the rim of his cup and sipping slowly at the steaming coffee. “As you know, I have my own means of defense.” He laughed, remembering (fondly?) his last escape from the other’s clutches. Blood was shed. Well, lips were bitten.

“Although I’ll take you on anytime, Sassy-Chan.” He gave the other a dark look, “Just name the place.” His look lessened and he took another bite of toast, all the while curiously watching the Uchiha eat.

Things settled and the muffin top finished-- why he ate it like that even he didn’t know, he just did. Fingers went to the bagel and a bite was taken, thoughts processed over the other males words for a moment before he smirked. “Fine then.”

Yeah, he wanted to hurt the other just a little-- after all after being asked about being a girl at least three or four times he decided the blond really needed an ass-kicking. “Why not? I'll take you down a peg or two, blondie.”

… Did he just call him blondie?

Naruto’s wry smile flickered over his lips, and he placed the crust of his toast down next to his untouched muffin. (Perhaps he’d store it for later, as it was he didn’t quite think he’d be having a lunch nor did he think Sasuke would conveniently be around later on to supply him with one. Not that he’d accept it, mind you, this was painful enough.)

“I’d like to see you try, Sasuke-Chan.”

“Try? Try is a base word, unacceptable for my intentions. I'm going to grind you into the ground.” He chuckled a little, almost looking pleasant as he finished his bagel and cleaned his mouth. Drinking down the rest of his coffee he placed the things-- uneaten or just trashed-- back on the tray.

“Would you want to, now? Eh? I've got my coffee which is going to provide more then enough energy for me to kick your ass.”

Perhaps it was his nightly job full of lewd comments and overheard conversations so filthy he wanted to wash his own ears out with soap (or listen more,) that caused the blond to quirk a brow and at first take the others’ words wrongly before sorting them out mentally quite fast.

“Yes, try. As you won’t get very far, Sassy-Chan.” He said with a smirk, “Now’s fine, too. Unless you’d rather take this outside.” He stood up and dusted himself off, placing the muffin carefully to the side with a frown before looking back to the ebony haired male.

“Before I beat you up, I’ll just have to say thanks for the food, bitch.” He couldn’t help it, the provoking-trait was just in his blood.

He blinked as he stared for a moment, “Bitch..?” His face hardened expression wise just a bit as he leaned forward, “We'll see about that.” Fingers however quickly went back to their movements as he would throw the trash from the table away, set the two trays aside and then brush his own self off. “Though, I don’t need to get banned form my caffeine source, and so I suggest we take this outside or a place more acceptable.”

Naruto smirked, “Everyone knows Sassy-Chan must have his morning coffee lest someone be in his path to face his pmsing wrath.” He rolled his eyes, plucking up the blueberry muffin while he passed the table on route to the exit. Two slender fingers broke off a corner (if muffins have corners; in this case they did, shoddy measurements causing them to overflow while baking—Cut awkwardly in to pointed squares almost,) and chew idly.

“Where’s acceptable, ‘cause I don’t really care. Don’t want to hurt you, so you’re better off choosing.” He grinned, breaking off another small chunk of his muffin. So sue him, he couldn’t wait until lunch.

“Listen, Queen—“ He retorted, not forgetting about the event from before--, “Call me Sassy-chan again and I'm going to stuff you into a locker.”

That said, he would reach up and take hold of the door handle and lead the pair along towards the Gym-- peeking in he assured there were no stragglers on this weekend day and stepped inside. “Here’s fine…” After all, the less likely they'd be bothered by the student body was the less worry he'd have about getting suspended.

“Oho, wait just a second.” Naruto said, finger slipping off task, no longer in the process of pulling off another berry laden chunk but waggling at the Uchiha. “Queen better suits you as a title, just to let you know.” He couldn’t help but laugh, blue eyes showing deep amusement in this little spat.

“Barren gym, planning to molest me?” Naruto said offhand, knowing all too well that it was just coincidence (probably,) and that continuing to press the other’s button’s would lead to further amusement. Therefore, that being said, it justified his comment… no?

“Oh, I thought I was supposed to be the princess?" He replied sarcastically, “After all you're much more flamboyant then I could ever be.” Yeah, right-- the banter was a bit amusing but it was unlikely he'd ever admit to such a thing.

He glanced around the gym for a moment before he kicked one boot off and then the other standing in his socks and sliding back a few paces to put a gap between them, “Oh yes, that was my plan-- and now you've ruined it, I guess I'll just have to beat you up since I can't fuck you.” He replied sarcastically.

“Ooh, princess does suit you very well. Good choice.” Naruto nodded his head and chewed on another broken off piece of muffin, dusting crumbs of his long black sleeves as he eyed the other. “Gonna be fun watching you slide all over the damn place in your socks, I will admit.” He grinned and took a precautious finger-ful of muffin.

“Yes, yes. I’m so flamboyant. So says the one who wore a kimono—sure you’re not a girl down under there?” He rolled his eyes again, ignoring his brain that was screaming about irony. “And who said you can’t fuck me.” He said this merely to throw the Uchiha off. “Now that we’re all here alone, no where better, eh?” He took a step closer, just to taunt him.

He rolled his eyes a little as he stepped forward peering at the other for a moment before he shook his head, “I wouldn’t want to catch whatever you may have gotten..”

He lowered his upper torso down to balance his weight out, ready to tussle with the other, “So, ready or not?”

“Ouch, that hurts.” Naruto said with a dramatic placement of his hand over his heart and heavy exhale. He probably should’ve seen that one coming, now shouldn’t he. “But I’m not done my muffin.” He protested, shooting a look to the remainder of it before glancing upwards at Sasuke again.

“And don’t even think of throwing this away.” He said, scowling and shielding it with his hand.

“If you lose, I'm gonna throw it away..” he retorted with a devious grin as he would then point a finger at the other, “Come on.. I want to get this over with so I can go back to doing my laundry.”

Naruto sighed, Sasuke was so impatient, wasn’t he.

“Laundry? You have less of a social life than I expected.” Naruto said, walking a few steps to the side to carefully set down the crumbling remains of his muffin before returning to his spot. “So eager to pin me down, hm?” He whistled and flicked his wrist. “Come on then, Sassy-Chan.”

“At least your finally admitting to defeat, yeah?” He smirked a bit as he stepped forward before he would then allow his hands to cup into a comfortable position, " You could just take it all back and I'll leave you be to whatever it is you were planning to slumming about."

“Admitting and the actual thing are much different.” He replied, “And the only thing I’m thinking over is whether or not I really want to hit a girl like you.” He gave it a paused moment of thought before tapping a finger to his chin. “Common courtesy says it’s not polite.”

“Yeah well, I'm sure you wont to much when I've got you on you back-- or so I've heard." He smirked just a bit, however his teeth grit just a bit at the girl comment, not sure if the other started it-- but nearly positive-- that he'd have to kill him some day for it.

“Rumours are flying about me already?” He asked, arching a fair brow. “And to think you’d indulge in talk about me behind my back, must really like me, eh?” He smirked, “And I suppose I have no problem hitting you, you’re not really a girl—Just a pansy ass.”

He flexed his fingers, still a little set off-track about hitting Sasuke.

He stared for a long moment before he would close the distance towards the other, right arm sliding backwards during the movements as he would then attempt to take a swing down towards the other’s stomach.

“As expected,” Naruto said with a wince, having somewhat steeled himself enough not to choke on his breath. “from a pansy.” He threw a fist at Sasuke’s jaw in retaliation, his own breath slow in coming to his lungs. Stupid prat had to have some strength, didn’t he. Nevertheless, he wouldn’t win against Uzumaki Naruto~ Or that’s what he told himself.

No retort was give, he just took the hit-- using the opportunity of having the others hand so close to his face to try and get a good grasp on the others arm, hoping to use his momentum to flip him as he'd learned so many years ago.

As it was, Naruto had escaped being flipped once before, but they say you’re never truly all that lucky the second time and so with widening blue eyes he fell straight in to the trap. He braced himself for a probably painful landing, coughing thanks to the lack of oxygen, which had been driven out of his lungs as he hit the hard (but polished,) floor.

“You… bitch.” He coughed, eyes narrowing.

He kept a firm hold on the arm, staring down at the other before he twisted the limb in his grasp just a little, trying to plant a foot on the other to keep him in a tight hold. “Who's a bitch?”

Naruto refused to let himself cry out, but couldn’t keep his body from writhing lightly beneath the hold the other had on him. “You, naturally.” He half-choked out, lingering smirk still on his lips albeit faintly as he was in fact in some discomfort in his current position.

He grinned a little as he slid that foot up to the others neck, pushing against it with the bridge of his foot. “Looks more like you're the bitch to me.” He snorted softly as he shook his head at the other, “Tsk tsk tsk..”

“We’ll have to see about that when you let go, now won’t we.” Naruto said grudgingly, eyes narrowed darkly as he writhed harder against the other’s hold, ignoring the pain in his arm (he knew how far he could go without breaking it, a tried and tested method,) while trying not to be completely over powered. Stupid Uchiha bitch…

“Yes well why would I let go, it seems so much like I've already won!” He smirked a little more, leaning down to bite painfully on the others fingertip, mockingly enjoying holding the other as he was.

“Now who’s the cannibal.” Naruto said with an incredulous look, wriggling in a continuous attempt to get free (his arm hurting more and more the more he pulled against it, and he was sure the pop sound it made was not particularly good,) “And you haven’t won shit, I’m still going to get you the second you let go.”

“But that’s my point, don’t I have to let go in order for that to happen?” He asked as he leaned over the others hand to look down at him, rubbing that sock covered foot tauntingly over the others neck, “And I've got all day, as you so kindly pointed out.”

“Well then we’ll be here for a while, won’t we.” Naruto said through clenched teeth, not at all warmly welcoming the idea of giving in to the ebony haired boy. He winced, shifting his head as he tried to squirm away from (at least,) the foot. Damn it, he wasn’t like this at all. Nor could he think up a good way to get away from it.

“You’re a sadistic bastard, you know.”

“Yeah, I know..” He replied as he would then rub his hands against the others arm, giving it a painful little twist before he let go, but left his foot on the other male, “And now that you've realized just how inferior you are, maybe you'll stop playing tough.”

Naruto bit his lip to stop from yelping, laying still for a second as his arm throbbed and blood rushed to where it had been stopped before grabbing at the Uchiha’s foot to perhaps throw him off balance if anything. “Inferior? Ah no, if anything we’re merely on par—One for one.” He said with a grunt, darkly glaring at the Uchiha.

“Is that so? Because you still remain flat on your back.” He said as he hobbled to the side trying to keep himself balanced not wanting to fall back and crack his head on the hard floor.

“Not for long, Sassy-Chan.” He said, giving a sharp pull to the other’s leg as he sat up stiffly, yet the only thing he could think of was somehow showing the other male that he was in no way inferior. A hard task now that he nearly had his arm snapped, but hey.

He slipped, landing on his ass with a flinch and a wince, that was never a good bone to land on. Hand slid back to rub his tail bone as he glared at the blond who had possession of his foot. “You're a real dumbass..”

“But you know you love me.” Naruto said offhand, not releasing the foot but rather crawling closer to point a finger at Sasuke’s face, meeting eyes with him. “You’re the one who initiated the fight, so sue me that I have to resort to this to win.” He gestured at the foot. “Now any last words?”

“Gonna break my ankle?” He asked, but strangely amusement seemed to flicker across his face at the thought, “If so you better hurry up and do it before you end up mating with the floor again.”

“Har har.” Naruto said with a roll of his eyes, taking to tapping his free hand’s finger on the other’s nose. “Don’t count your apples before you have them.” He said, hand moving to grab the other’s wrist—the other releasing the foot to mimic shortly after. “Especially when you’re dealing with me~”

He blinked a few times as he stared before he snorted, “Its don’t count your eggs before they're hatched..” He corrected as he glanced to the wrist in the other’s grasps flexing his fingers slowly in testing.

“Eggs, apples, whatever.” Naruto echoed with an agitated roll of his eyes, “The thing is you’re not to underestimate me in any manner, Uchiha. Got it?” He glared, his fingers clenching tighter to the pale wrists. “Or else this has to get… ugly.”

“Ugly?” He looked amused as he stared at the other, “Yeah yeah.. I'm not afraid of you, and so far you've done nothing but grabbed my wrists..”

Naruto was always one for games and jokes, but if there was in fact one thing that properly set the blond off was being underestimated in any way, shape or form. That and well, being pinned to a gym floor feeling helpless like that. Oh yes, and having his bluff called. Knitting his brows he leaned in close to the ebony haired boy’s face, pausing a mere inch away, close enough to feel the other’s breath on his cheek.

“Yes, ugly.”

“You know, I'll be the last person to ever be afraid of you, idiot blond.” He replied, chuckling a little as he let those dark orbs roll over to look to the other curiously-- almost amused at the others annoyance. “Going to cry on me?”

“You freakin’ wish.” Naruto growled, clasping his fingers tighter—perhaps unconsciously so as his nails began to dig—he was infuriated. Yet didn’t know what to do precisely, and was coming to the realization that it was the Uchiha’s nature that drove him up the wall.

“Oh, was that not what you wanted to hear?” He grinned as he leaned back a little, “Oh~ Naruto~! You’re too strong! Please... help! Let me go...” He feigned pain and weakness in mocking.

Naruto scowled, not liking the other’s behaviour in the least. “I said.” He said through clenched teeth, his eye twitching before he just couldn’t help it and he gave the other a shove, pushing forward to pin him down on his back. “Don’t underestimate me, you little fuck.”

He blinked and looked up at the other laughing a little, “Or what, you’re going to shove me around and hope I eventually hit my head on something?”

It should be expected, but Naruto was continually irritated with the Uchiha’s stubborn reaction to anything and everything that the blond said to him. He wanted to prove him wrong, but more importantly he wanted to shut the bastard up. He had the boy’s arms pinned, and as it was he was pretty much hovering over him. Sending a glare downwards his mind came to rest only on one option.

And he blamed his job for it entirely.

Smirking deviously he leaned closer. “I’ll be shutting your pretty little face up now, Sassy-Chan.” He feigned a smile before clamping his mouth back down on the Uchiha’s like he had at the festival before. He didn’t think anything of it relationship wise, merely understanding that it had worked once and so should be valid again. So sue him, he didn’t think in the straight-forward manner.

He blinked as he squirmed a bit, glaring at the other as he was kissed, not understanding why the other would do this-- again! He hissed as much as one could when their lips where captured by the blond hovering over him. Legs giving a hard kick.

Naruto grinned in to the kiss, shifting to put one leg between the other’s (thankful certain regions were not hit by the other’s kick, although his calf might never be the same,) while pressing the wrists hard against the floor. He didn’t lessen in the kiss, as it was his second (sad prospect, he’d kissed a male twice before anything else,) taking what he learned from watching men snog all night to keep his lips in place until he couldn’t hold his breath any longer and withdrew, by only a few centimeters. “I win.”

“You're right... but the only thing you've won is being a bigger queen by kissing the guy you supposedly don’t like twice.. dumbass..” He retorted sharply, a bit insecure in the switch in the balance of power in a pinned situation.

“I never said I didn’t like you, Uchiha.” He said lowly, mostly to see how far he could creep the other out, given the circumstances. “And it doesn’t make me anymore the queen if I don’t like it—you’re a horrible kisser, I’ve seen drag queens do better.” He paused to think over his words, shrugging off what he said hoping it’d just come off as an obscure observation.

“It’s just fun and games for me, twit.” He grinned, content to have to shut the other up again if he started whining or what not.

He stared at the other for a moment before he smirked, just a little, but there was evil in that twist to his lips. “Have you ever thought I was no good simply because I don’t want to kiss you? I don’t want you to get any more of a kick out of it then you already do..”

“You missed the chance to protest your heterosexuality, dumb shit.” Naruto laughed, leaning closer to look in to the other’s eyes again. “That was the opportune moment to mention it, along with your little lies to cover up the fact you can’t kiss worth shit.”

“Look, idiot.” He said, a bit to calm to be natural. “I never claimed I had any interest in women-- or men-- simply stated I had no interest in you.” He scoffed slightly, “Either way, I can kiss just fine.”

“Asexual, or content with your own hand?” He said with a sly grin, hovering over (thankful he was able to continue to support his weight, although wondered if he was by any chance hurting the other’s wrists,) “You say you can kiss well, but you can’t.” He taunted, sticking out his tongue. “Pansy, show me. I bet ‘cha can’t~”

How the conversation came to sexual orientation was beyond Naruto.

“I said I never said such things, that doesn’t mean I don’t.” He, having decided to end the conversation, took the other end and leaned up to press those pale lips against the others. Surprisingly light is how he left the kiss for a moment before pressing closer and moving to deepen it if the other didn’t pull away.

Now well, this was what he was asking for—why was he surprised? Blue eyes widened for a fraction of a second, he shifted his weight to first shyly respond before realizing he could not be shown as the pansy now—He forced himself to ignore that it was no longer one sided, parting his lips and running his tongue along the other’s lips.

Said Uchiha looked faintly amused, as he shifted under the other, lips parted as pink muscle came forth to meet the others, testing how strong the grip was still on those pale ligaments.

Blond brows knitted as he pressed harder against the Uchiha’s mouth, undaunted by the events enough to slip in to curiously inspect the other’s mouth with a slightly clumsy movement, as it was as stated, his second kiss. He’d lessened his hold on the other’s wrists, short of releasing them as it was. Sassy-Chan wasn’t bad, as far as Naruto could gauge.

Of course rather then tasted like cinnamon like he might have earlier-- or even mint, from one or the other type of toothpaste in his bathroom, the black haired male now tasted just of milky coffee and was amused by the taste of muffin from the blond. However, working more on knowledge then instinct he tilted his head to make the other more accusable, dark hues falling into a half lidded position.

As it was, Naruto found the positioning slightly awkward, and released one hand to bring it to rest around Sasuke’s neck. Never breaking contact he used his other to push himself back while tugging Sasuke along with him. As it was, he’d probably be in Sasuke’s lap, and so he shifted to adjust for that, blue eyes fluttering open only briefly as he took to sucking on the Uchiha’s lip.

He didn’t even know WHY he was letting this continue; after all he wasn’t even sure how this could go into proving any sort of point, any longer. Hands rubbed at opposing wrists to get rid of the bruised ache that had come from the pressure being on them so long.

Naruto smirked in to the kiss again, corners of his mouth twitching upward as he slid his leg haphazardly to the other side of Sasuke, tilting his head lightly to the side. There wasn’t much point to it any longer, he reasoned himself, resentfully—No, err, just—pulling away with a sultry look to the other boy. “Not bad, Sassy-Chan.” He said in a breath, not moving just yet.

“Of course..” He said, taking a moment to regain his breath before he offered a devilishly cocky smirk, “I'm good at everything or did you forget?” Of course, he'd likely always be that cocky bastard unless something drastic happened..

“Don’t say everything.” Naruto interjected, bringing one finger to tap the other’s nose out of habit, a gesture he tended to do while working—Helped skirt away from confrontations he didn’t want while playing to his teasing side. In this case, it might just do the opposite. “You might not live up to the expectation.” His words could have many meetings, but his dark look prompted only a few more perverse.

“Tch...” He offered something of a smirk, “No, I mean it.. I'm not one to disappoint..” Of course, they could have been speaking about anything-- but the obvious innuendo behind the words was blatant now.

“Interesting words, Sasuke-Chan.” Naruto said with a risen brow and smirk. “The more you talk the more riled up my competitive side becomes. Alas, I don’t think this is the time nor place to figure out the lies from the truths.” Given it wasn’t, but Naruto didn’t want to come off as the flamboyantly gay one here—As much as he was intrigued, he couldn’t do much without first ensuring the Uchiha wouldn’t just laugh at him and leave. Right?

“Is that so?” He smirked, looking just as amused as ever as he would then pat the others thigh, “Then would you, kindly, get off of my lap before you get yourself into some trouble you apparently don’t want.”

“Trouble? Hardly. Complications, perhaps.” Naruto shook his head whilst shrugging, bring his palms up briefly to further his ‘Meh’ statement. “I guess I tacked you right, Sassy-Chan, you are in fact the perfect little princess.” He smirked, the taunt just flowing out as he rose a brow.

“I doubt you’re trouble, anyway.” He motioned to get up, ready to continue along with his blueberry muffin, prancing away in a meadow. Or walking the block to his car, whichever, whatever.

“And just how does that make me a princess?” He asked, scowling as hands clamped over the others thighs--with unnecessary force I might add- pressing the other down into his lap painfully hard. Angry with the other now. Body of course would shift slightly, legs bending up just a little as he got ready to shove the other down onto his back.

Naruto opened his mouth to reply, “Naturally—“ He froze, looking down to his lap with a perplexed glance, noting Sasuke was holding him there, quite tightly. He glanced back up, bottom lip having fallen open with a confused—yet weary—meet of the eyes. “Listen Sassy-Chan, I don’t know what you’re thinking but…” He glanced to the side, eyes widening as he began to fidget.

“Oh please, I'm not going to rape you.” He said with a roll of his eyes, “Not my style anyway..” He said as he lifted his hands from the others thighs, “But stop calling antagonizing me unless you can handle the retort, because I have little patience or self control left when it comes to you.”

Naruto was thankful the other released their hold, perhaps a little too relieved as he let his shoulders slump. He wasn’t sure why he disliked the thought of being pinned again, but didn’t bother to give it a second thought. “I’ll call you what I wish, Sassy-Chan. You can’t stop me, y’know.” He let the ‘self control’ comment go, noting now would not be a good time to tease on it, as he had already felt the pain of the other’s pinning technique.

“I know I cant stop you, I mean, unless I broke your jaw and you had to get it wired shut..” He smirked as he looked the other over for a moment, before he leaned back resting on his hands, bruised wrists protesting, but for now he paid them no mind.

“Let’s stop considering the options…” Naruto said with a roll of his eyes, blinking and soon realizing he was still in the other’s lap. He frowned, unsure if he should scuttle off or sit for a moment longer.

He blinked and then just shrugged a little as his head turned to the side, eyes focused in on the wall, chewing on his lip absently in thought, apparently having calmed from earlier.

“Oy.” Naruto shifted again, noting that in some odd way this was in itself rather relaxing. An empty room, just the two of them quietly within each other’s company. Sappy, yes, but nice on some level all the same. “At least now if anyone asks, I can honestly say you aren’t a complete pansy.”

“Hm..” He just shook his head a little, “Of course I'm not, tch, It’s a shame you thought otherwise.”

“Shame?” Naruto laughed, arching a brow. “Excuse me for not assuming along with the rest of the population that you’re some sort of sex god.” Naruto took this as the moment to shake his own head, “Not that I’m going to participate in such conversations, as it is this isn’t something that should be shared around campus, ne?”

“I couldn't really care less what anyone else things, to be honest.” He said as he turned his head back up to look to the other, “They can think what they like, it doesn’t matter in the end, does it?”

“Hm.” Naruto blinked, not having guessed the Uchiha wouldn’t care about people’s impressions. It sounded rather suiting, now that he thought about it, and gave good reason to his behaviour. “So were I to say some people doubt your gender, you wouldn’t be the littlest bit peeved?” He rose a curious brow, waiting (perhaps eagerly,) for a response.

“And just why would people doubt my gender, hm?” He asked as he glanced over towards the other with those dark orbs of his. A bit of the amusement flittering from his face.

“’Cause you are in fact pretty damn effeminate. And you can’t get mad at me for that, as it is in fact what I, and a few others, think about you—and you just said you don’t care.” He grinned, happy that he had caught the loop-hole that would prevent further agitation his way. Hopefully. “Okay, and the kimono at the festival didn’t do you much good neither.”

“It was formal, I can’t help I was raised better then most of you.” He replied as he shook his head a little, looking away from the other for a displeasured moment.

Naruto frowned suddenly, “So sue us, some of us don’t have the rich lifestyle.” He snapped back, irritation flaming as his past was not something he himself was content with, and assumptions made weren’t appreciated in most cases. “And being a rich prat is no excuse, Obito-Sensei wore a kimono and managed to pull it off with masculinity. You, on the other hand…” He grinned. “… Did not.”

He glanced over to the other for a moment, taking a slow breath-- so that he did not simply attempt to snap the others neck, and did his best to shrug, “It doesn’t matter.. even if I was effeminate, I still managed to pin you down and make you squirm so I suppose that makes you worse, eh?”

“You caught me at a bad moment.” Naruto said with a frown line appearing on his brow, “And if anything it merely proves you’re slightly more powerful than the average school girl.” He stuck out his tongue again and scrunched up his nose.

“ Any time you want to do this again, I'd be more than willing to kick your ass again, not to mention you just stated you're slightly less powerful then the average school girl.”

“I said you’re stronger than the average school girl and that you caught me at a less than opportune time, therefore I am and always was in fact stronger.” He crossed his arms over his chest defiantly. “Must we get in to this again? We’re tied if anything.”

“If it helps that little bruised ego of yours..” He retorted as he flicked at the others nose, grunting a little.

Naruto twitched and swatted at the fingers, “Tell me if I get too heavy, wouldn’t want to crush your tiny little hips, Sassy-Chan.” He remarked while glancing down to note once more that he’d failed to move from his spot on the other’s lap. He vaguely wondered if his muffin would be stale by the time he got back to it.

He rolled his eyes as he finally just slid his hands down and laid on his back, staring at the roof with a little sigh. “Even if I was effeminate, or even a female-- however impossible it may be-- what would it matter?”

Naruto blinked, feeling suddenly awkward to sit on the other after he’d laid down. He leaned forward ever so slightly, peering down at the ebony haired male with budding curiosity. “Nothing… I suppose. You’d still be you, but then it’d be less fun to tease you.” All in all, it was the truth, from Naruto’s point of view.

“Why do you have to harass me about it?” He asked slowly as those eyes seemed to trail from right to left, trailing over the high rafters of the gym.

Naruto shifted awkwardly, placing his palms gingerly on Sasuke’s stomach to steady himself, fearing showing his incapability of sitting up would warrant another insult. He knitted his brows at the question, averting his gaze off to the left side of the gymnasium for a prolonged second of silence on his part.

“If I don’t say something amusing, what would I say?” He asked, cobalt shaded eyes flickering over the corners of the room. “I wouldn’t say anything, and then I’d be lost.”

“If you didn't say something amusing, you'd say something stupid.” He clarified before eyes slid over to the other, “However un-amusing I think it is, I can understand, however don’t expect me to appreciate you or your friends calling me a girl. I get enough of that at work.”

Naruto was slightly relieved that there was no pressing on the issue and that the sliver of his heart he just put out on a platter to share wasn’t snubbed. Okay, it was slightly, warranting a jab to the ribs with a sole finger, but he ignored that soon after. “Uh. I’ll try to refrain from doing so, but it’s hard, Sassy-Chan.” He arched a brow again, “You say work—What d’you do?” His interest was sparked.

His expression deadpanned-- knowing he really shouldn’t be telling the other, but figuring he'd weasel it out of someone eventually-- so he answered truthfully, “I work.. in a bakery of sorts..” Though, honest the answer was, he wasn’t going to divulge the full truth of that.... place just so easily.

“You get mistaken for a girl in a bakery?” His brow rose higher for the moment, but he didn’t see any connection. “What, do you cross dress or something?” A wry smile came to his lips at the thought, but he himself respected it if the Uchiha didn’t want to spill anything (easily, at least,) as he himself would never live it down were the other to figure his own job out. Wouldn’t stop him from bugging the Uchiha to tell him, though… Eheh.

“No, I don’t wear a dress.” He stated blandly, “I wear an apron, and wait tables.” He said as hands went to rest up behind his head. “Unfortunately a lot of men come into the place because it’s closer to the campus.”

Naruto stifled a laugh, the thought of the antisocial creature beneath him (wait, didn’t come out right, that,) dressed up in some crisp little apron highly amusing. “Oh, I must see this some time. I swear~” He grinned.

“You wouldn't like it there.” He lied, knowing the other would swell like a balloon at the sight of the dozens and dozens of cakes and treats that lined the pristine, white and... pink shop.

“Either way, it’d be amusing.” He nodded, shifting yet again where he sat, noting it was continually awkward to sit on someone. Having never done so before, he found it rather intriguing to fathom someone would bother to let him sit like this—come to mention it, he started to wonder what the Uchiha was thinking. “What made you want to work in there anyway?” He asked, frowning.

“It's got flexible hours, decent pay, free coffee while I'm there, close enough I can walk there, and the old woman looked like she needed some help..” Not like him to help people really, but sometimes they just needed it. “And, the eventual pleasure I might get of choking her grandaughter with some cake.”

Naruto blinked, “So you’re there for coffee and to choke someone with cake.” He quirked his other brow, “And you wear an apron, why?” He leaned forward to watch the other carefully, using his hands, placed on the other’s sides, to keep himself from tipping any each way. “I would think Starbucks would be just as good a choice. Give or take the old lady.”

“I wear an apron because its required,” He restated, “None the less I am less likely to see you, or anyone else there, and so I work there for the anonymity and ability to avoid those I don’t like.”

Naruto rolled his eyes, “Expect to see me there, then, and I don’t care if you wish to avoid me—I swear I’ll be tracking you down just to catch a photo of that apron, Sasuke-Chan. You can count on it.” He grinned, not sure what he was playing to, dangerous ground?

“I wouldn’t appreciate it..” He scowled, not wanting to face the humiliation-- or see the amusement on the others face-- when he was caught in that pink and white or blue and white apron which the owner had so kindly made just for him.

“Do I look like I mind whether or not you appreciate it?” Naruto said deviously, “After all, what can you do to stop me?” He waggled a finger, subconscious somehow slipping out to alter meanings of what he said, which he soon realized with the minor widening of his eyes. Shaking it off with a sigh he slid off of Sasuke’s hips (still wondering how he’d been allowed to remain that long,) and flopped down on his back next to the boy. Perhaps slightly close, but he didn’t really give a flying fuck.

He refocused his attention on the roof, thinking for a moment, “I could stop you, but what’s the point? If I did I'd just get bothered by one of you're weasily little friends.” He closed his eyes, expression softening and falling into that calm look. “I'll buy you another muffin then.”

Naruto wasn’t sure he heard right, and took to shifting to lean on his elbow and give the Uchiha an incredulous look. “Did you just offer to bribe me, Sassy-Chan, or are you just feeling generous?” He smiled honestly, grateful for the offer—ignoring the fact it was in fact a bribe. “A muffin a day and you got a deal, I won’t harass you at work. Intentionally, at least.” He rolled his eyes, “And my friends are not weasily, Sasuke-Chan.” He said stubbornly, bottom lip jutting out faintly.

He glanced over for a moment, and remained expressionless before he shook his head closing his eyes, “That isn’t what I meant.” And with that he turned his head to rest it on his arm, eyes falling closed as he took a slow breath.

“Oho?” Naruto knitted his brows, “Then what did you mean? Sasuke don’t leave me hanging.” He whimpered, for the second forgetting to tack on a suffix, the word feeling foreign and in the silence after he’d closed his mouth he wondered why it felt so odd.

He frowned a little, thinking how stupid it sounded now that he'd thought about it. “I meant, when you came, god.. I must have had a seizure or something I don’t know what the hell came over me..” He frowned, but more at himself than anything else.

Naruto’s face nearly lit up, himself rather happy that the Uchiha would show some form of… care, could it be called? “So now you wannnt me to come and see you in your pretty little apron?” He cooed, or taunted? He couldn’t be sure. “Bribing me to come now, ooh. Tempting.” He grinned again, “Am I allowed to bring my camera, or will you kill me if I try?”

“I'd break your camera.” He replied, albeit honestly, eyes sliding closed. “I really dont need to find pictures of myself in an apron on the internet.”

Naruto laughed at the sheer honesty on the other’s part, shaking his head and flopping back on to his back. “Wasn’t thinking of the internet, but now that you mention—it is a good idea.” He teased, nose scrunched up again to show his amusement. He wouldn’t try, really, as it was he’d detest the thought of someone snapping his photo at work.

“Mmhmm..” He drawled as he closed his eyes again, letting out a small yawn. He was worn thin most days, between work, school and... other things. Fingers scratched slowly at the back of his head in thought.

Naruto carefully thought back over the morning, somehow wondering if it would make sense were he to try and explain for whichever reason that he’d been fighting, kissing and chatting in a nearly friendly way with Uchiha Sasuke—A guy who rubbed him the wrong way from the start, yet seemed so human at that point in time.

He stole a glance to the male in question, eyes narrowed almost suspiciously. He wore an apron and worked for an old lady? He let him sit on him, okay so that was slightly weird, but what the hell was he sitting on him for? The blond moaned, wondering if homosexuality was catching from his job and fluttered his eyes closed. He wondered if someone passing the gym would wonder what the fuck they were doing.

And he didn't really care, as it was.

“What are you moaning about?” He asked without opening his eyes, scoffing a little, “You better not be touching yourself..” He rolled his eyes as he thinned his lips into a line, doing his best not to look amused at his taunting of the other male.

But it was just as fun on this end as it was on the other.

“You wish, Sassy-Chan.” He retorted while smacking his hand on the other’s arm, “You wish.” His brows were knit again, and he wondered if they’d stay like that permanently, perhaps along with his frown. Trust the Uchiha to get him agitated. Again.

He finally cracked open an eye, amusement sparkling behind those lightless depths. “Oh, yes, that is my big secret fantasy, you know? The grubby little blond masturbating next to me on the dirty gym floor. You make me so hot.”

Naruto’s eyes widened, and at first he held a breath trying to wonder if he should be offended upon being called a ‘grubby blond’ but soon started laughing to the point he didn’t care. “You mean a divine blond, but all the same—” He rolled his eyes and sat up, feeling quite stiff and chilled from the short amount of time on the floor. (Hah, who was he kidding. Short?)

“To think you have a sense of humor. Or sarcasm, in the least, is rather relieving.” He sighed and took to stretching his arms overhead.

“I'm sure you're pleased to know I'm not a robot..” He said as he stretched out just a little, thinking for a moment before adding. “Oh yes.. divine, graceful, sexually appealing.. right right.. all words I wouldn’t use either..”

Naruto scowled, again taking to thwapping a hand at the other’s shoulder. “If you’re not going to be nice, don’t talk, bastard.” He resentfully crossed his legs and looked off to the side to scout for his muffin. Better not be missing or anything ruddy stupid like that.

“Reckon it’s smart to sit here?” He asked, glancing back, “I’m not entirely sure if this is used at all, although it is a nice quiet place in the mornings…” He drifted off in thought, musing how it might be smarter to camp out there come winter months if by then his living arrangements weren’t finalized or he somehow didn’t get a room in the school.

“Not really..” He replied before he sat up, that stiff back cracking about three times as he bent forward, hands touching down on his toes before he pulled his legs inwards and rolled into a stand. “But I don’t really care..” He brushed himself off before he would head across towards the door, rubbing his ear.

Naruto recoiled upon hearing the cracks, nose and eyes scrunched in distaste. Cracking one’s own knuckles and whatnot is one thing, hearing someone else’s was another. “Yes, I forgot you lack care for anything.” Naruto murmured, mimicking the other by standing up and following to the exit.

“Exciting day ahead for you, eh, laundry~” He taunted, hurrying past the other to scoop up the muffin with a protective stance while ensuring it was still relatively safe to eat. “Given, I shouldn’t be one to talk.” He muttered to himself mostly, pulling off another dry bit of muffin.

“You lost, that muffin belongs in the trash..” He stated absently, scowling just a little, “And I care for some things, you just don’t know what.” He stated as he mussed the others hair, stepping out of the gym, he did not however chuck the muffin or anything else, just dug in his pocket, removing a pen and jotting a few things down on whatever the object was hidden in his now cupped hand.

Naruto blinked, standing stupidly for a second before following the other out with a continued perplexed look. Muffin still in hand, (almost ceremoniously balanced in one palm,) he gave the other a scrupulous glance. “What are you writing?” He asked, a few steps behind with his free hand caught up in his hair. He hadn’t yet sorted out what that was all about, instead took to the slow approach of frowning and letting his mouth hang open a small bit.

“Close your mouth you look like a fish..” He taunted a bit as he leaned towards the other, watching him for a moment. Before he leaned closer to the other, “The muffin, you lost, it should be trash..” He clarified yanking one of the others belt loops. Slipping whatever it was as slyly as possible into the others pocket.

Almost immediately did he clamp his mouth shut, frown deepening for the moment as he tilted his head back as Sasuke approached. “My muffin.” He murmured, paying it a glance before blinking at the yank, eyes meeting the dark ones of the other boy with the same perplexed haze that had settled moments before. “I’m not allowed to keep my muffin?” He stole a glance at it, ignoring the fact (for the moment,) he was sure whichever or whatever that was written was now within his pocket.

He ignored his heart, which chose to beat fast for that brief second.

Sasuke blinked and almost laughed at the others protective reaction over the muffin, as he reached for it threateningly, but only popped off a piece to put in his own mouth and headed on towards his dormitory room.

Naruto held in a flinch, watching with hesitantly wide eyes as the Uchiha took to eating his muffin, and he gave a glare in response to the action—He waited a second, eyes lingering on the Uchiha’s back as he walked off, before he gave a look to the muffin, then to his pocket. Slipping slender fingers in he withdrew what was put there, unfolding it with a tilt of his head.

“… Bastard.” He muttered, fingering the paper before bringing his eyes up, keeping his voice low. “Stupid generous bastard.” He slipped it back in to his pocket and moved to peel the wrap off the remainder of his muffin, planning to enjoy it on the walk back to Kyuu-Chan.
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