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{ Roleplay Log }

Who: Uchiha Sasuke (slashedhaiate) & Uzumaki Naruto (covetous)
What: Naruto tracks down the bakery his raven haired 'comrade' works at, demands a muffin and a coffee. When Sasuke endangers said muffin, he finds he needs to get physical to get it back.
Where: Teh' cuteness bakery. xD -calls it that-
When: Some time in this last little while, we need to get active guys!
Warnings: May be coded retarded as I am teh' loser, contains teh' hints of boyluff (Who am I kidding,) and uh. Muffin-tastic.


There was no definite driving force behind what Naruto was doing, that doing be walking (Kyuu-Chan was still choking, and was now running on empty. Or well, not running. At all,) quietly along the sidewalk with alert blue eyes scanning continuously for any sign of the place he sought to find.

The collar of his white dress shirt was pulled up to cover the small gap on his neck that the black hoodie neglected to cover. Chilled hands (it was getting cold already?) were resting in the pockets and he felt he was starting to hunch, a sign that the rather cool afternoon was less than a desirable day for walking. More than initiative to find this ruddy bakery and cash in on a free muffin.

Yes. This was for the muffin. And well, seeing Sasuke in an apron.

He grinned to himself, coming to a corner (he wasn’t far from the campus but he’d looked in a few other directions before hand and was now completing his circle of the radius around aforementioned school,) and he peered around warily—What if it wasn’t there? What if there was no goddamn bakery and the damn Uchiha was making shit up to mess with him…

After a second of scanning the titles and signs the enthusiasm that had been lost earlier was rekindled, and he found his feet hurrying in a scuffle to cross the road and give a glance in through the window before he eagerly (for the warmth of the shop and to see if dear Sassy-Chan indeed worked there,) he pulled open the door (it jingled, directing his attention upward to the silver bells,) and stepped in side whilst rubbing his palms together.

Aforementioned Uchiha-child was there. The youngest of the clan was in a less then desirable position to have the Uzumaki-student walk in on him-- however he didn’t notice him.

Torso was bent far at the waist, one leg lifted--for balance- the other firmly planted on the floor. Arm stretched out across the table as he balanced a cup of hot chocolate between his fingers, attempting to stretch over the table and set it down for one in the group of male students who looked faintly amused-- just slightly less then the others. Apron clung around his neck and hips, hanging a bit loose with the white frill that ran around the outside and the lining of the one pocket-- which now adorned a little heart-- lovely patch don by the old lady-- to cover the ink stain from an exploded pen a few days ago. White sneaker squeaked against the floor as he leaned a bit more forward before setting the object down with a contented sigh.

Upper torso adorned a too-wide-in-the-neck sleeveless white tee-- something comfortable and easy to move in as far as he was concerned-- while the lower half of his body adorned a pair of blue jeans, black stitching a bit oversized as it rolled over the outside of both pant legs. “Anything else?” He asked, per his waiting requirements, note pad lifted in his free hand.

When his request was denied he gratefully stepped back from the rowdy group letting out a sigh.

Oh, oh, oh.

Naruto’s eyes had lifted from his fingers not a moment too soon, catching sight of a hunched forward form of Sasuke (or so, he assumed, noting the duckbutt,) and his eyes lingered a second before his lips twitched up in to a small smirk and he felt compelled to draw closer, his feet carrying him a few steps forward before he caught himself.

He eyed the crowd the other boy was serving for a second before cocking his head to the side. Jesus, he wasn’t kidding about the bakery nor the apron. Oh, the Uchiha screamed cute—But Naruto knew it that he’d have a good chance of being castrated if he were to ever say it.

A fair brow arched as he gave the bakery a silent once over before setting blue eyes back on the Uchiha. Feigning a lower tone of voice after clearing his throat he found himself speaking. Again, this time without much thought. “Listen girl, I want a blueberry muffin.” He said at first, well aware he wasn’t kidding anyone, but was willing to try nonetheless. With a wry smile he observed the apron once again. “You serve coffee here too, right Sassy-Chan?”

He jolted and turned to say something before hips caught in mid-movement before he would sigh a little, looking the other over for a moment. He should be polite, since the other was a customer, but he was also a mooch. And with that firmly in mind he would point towards one of the booths. “Go and sit down and I'll get you your food..”

Notepad was placed back into that frontal pocket, hands busy adjusting the apron--suddenly feeling just a little insecure.

Turning on his heel he headed towards the back area of the bakery, slipping behind the counter which held the dozens of cakes and pastries alike in their glass depths. He grasped out a blue berry muffin, and placed it on a small plate.

Coffee was poured from one of the five kettles running--many types served in this place-- and a stick-- which held rock candy (the cute substitute for normal sugar in this place) was set at the side of the cup on another small plate.

Nudging the latch to the swinging door separating the kitchen from the rest of the restaurant open with his foot he stepped back over to the blonds table, setting both objects down.

Naruto perked up a brow as he was instructed to sit down, and he complied with his amused grin still in place upon his lips, never leaving not once. He sat slowly, denying himself the urge to look to see where the other male had gone. As it was, he himself was feeling rather odd in such a happy and bright place—Girly to an extent, but pushed the fret against his manhood away. As it was, he was a cross dresser. What the fuck did he care about a bakery?

He shifted in his seat, opting to sit in a corner with one arm resting along the backrest (finger tapping, perhaps to music in his own head,) as he mused how many poisons might indeed be in this muffin Sassy-Chan was getting for him. He dismissed the idea as it was a public place and if the Uchiha was going to get him, it’d probably be somewhere more concealed. Well, worry about that after the muffin.

When the other returned his smile increased again, and instinctively his fingers reached for the oddity that was the rock candy with sudden interest. He held it up to look at it for a moment before sending the ebony haired one a curious look. A look that turned to amusement shortly thereafter, a proper glimpse at the apron causing him to chuckle.

“You look adorable, Sasuke-Chan.” He remarked, placing the rock candy to his lips rather than in his drink.

He shifted awkwardly as he forced out a grunt, “I do not look adorable..” He retorted softly, as he pulled out one of those soft fabric napkins setting it down on the table along with some normal sugars, cream and assorted other condiments that normally went with the fancier sorts of coffees.

“Did you need anything else?” Head tilted to the side as he glanced over his shoulder, taking in the look of the place to make sure no one was calling out for him to take their order-- after all the last time that had happened he ended up with a frustrated group of bitchy girls who decided they really didn’t like their 'dyke' waitress-- which had amused him to the point he nearly did strangle one of them.

“Perhaps.” Naruto said, holding the candy stick between his teeth as he freed his hands to take the coffee and cream to mix them together fluidly (caffeine had kept him alive during high school, oh how he remembered it,) and blue irises flickered down to ensure he didn’t spill it before he sent a glance back up to the Uchiha.

“Would it kill you to spare a few minutes to talk to me-e-e?” He whined, finding it slightly hard to speak with the candy between his lips. (It was sickeningly sweet, but he couldn’t put it down—After all, it was pure sugar.) “I don’t want to sit here alone like a pansy-ass. Least you could do is sit with me ‘less you’d rather go back to waiting the jocks over there.”

He jerked his head to the males from before, “I think one was trying to look down your shirt.” He smirked. “Go ahead if you like it, I’ll just sit quietly here.” His shoulders shook in amusement.

He snorted, but didn’t argue-- he couldn’t really, because he doubted that it wasn’t true.

Body slumped a little as he planted himself in one of the seats, long legs crossed as hands folded in his lap, “I don't really like to be felt up by oversexed, undereducated, football addicts.” Needless to say; the look on his face said it was not the last nor the first time such things had happened.

“Though I must admit that I am surprised that you want to talk to me, of all people..” Hands folded before himself on the table, soft lips parted as he let out a little sigh. “But, here I am..”

“Well, you’re the only one around here there is to talk to, aren’t you, Sassy-Chan?” Naruto remarked, head tilted to the side still while he moved the candy stick from side to side. “As fun as it would be to join in their testosterone filled conversation about ‘the chick in the apron’ I don’t think I’d fit in there.” He grinned, “Plus you look kinda lonely, idiot.”

“How long are your shifts?” He asked offhand, curious as to how long the brunette had to do his job and put up with idiots. (He felt almost similar, though he had to admit the Uchiha was getting off fairly easy.) He didn’t seem to notice anything wrong with what he asked, his finger mindlessly tapping on the side of his cup as he looked to the pale companion seated with him.

Said pale male just stared for a moment before sighing, “If you did join them, I'd be forced to kill you, you know?” He grunted just a little as glanced towards the table of men, face deadpanning a little at the waves before glancing over to the other. “Oh I would so choke you with your own fingers..”

He rubbed at his hands for a moment to warm them, glancing over the others coffee before sighing, “The rock candy is a stirring stick, so the sugar will melt and sweeten it.. not so that you'll suck it ‘til you fall into a sugar induced coma.”

“But it’s much sweeter like this.” Naruto said with a grin, although did now take the stick out from between his lips and dip the remainder (not much,) in to his coffee. “I’d go for a sugar coma any day~” He cheered, leaning forward to sip his coffee before taking to mimicking his behaviour of pulling off a corner of the muffin and biting it.

He rose a brow as he swallowed, “Sassy-Chan can have some muffin too if he wants. Or is it she…” He tapped a finger on his chin, “Unless you think you’re too good for my muffin.” He said with a frown, peeling off another chunk.

“I think that muffins too good for you..” He retorted, snatching up the muffin and holding it out of reach almost playfully, smirking a bit as he turned it in his hands, “Maybe I should take it back, hmmm? What do you think?”

“I think not.” Naruto said, frown increasing as he leaned forward across the table in an attempt to get it back. “Don’t drag the innocent muffins in to this, Uchiha-Chan. Otherwise this will get ugly.” He smiled with greater knowing, remembering the earlier events. “Now give it!”

“No, I don’t think so..” He said as he turned sideways in the seat, legs hanging off the edge as he took a slow--teasing-- bite from the others muffin, content to just mess with the poor blonds head.

“Heyyy, don’t get your germs on my muffin!” Naruto whined, reaching again only to find it was out of reach. He huffed for a second before moving to stand up and lean again. “You don’t want me having to come over there, Uchiha-Chan.” He said through clenched teeth, eying his muffin.

“What're you going to do about it?” He asked with a mocking little laugh as he leaned into the seat attempting to keep away from the other. “This muffin does belong to me after all, seeing as I paid for it..”

“But you gave it to me so it’s mine!” Naruto growled, “So stop eating it, it’s mine!” He frowned, shifting his weight on his palms before realizing he wasn’t going to reach the other this way. “Fine.” He said with a glare, shimmying out of his seat before shuffling over to the Uchiha’s side of the booth. “Do not make me have to fight you for the god damn muffin.” He said, wondering how he was going to go about getting it off of him as he stood observing the brunette.

He scooted back, back pressed against the wall of the booth a snicker passing his lips, “I'll give it to you if you beg for it..” He Taunted waiving the muffin just out of the others reach, getting a kick out of teasing the other.

What? He couldn’t help it.

“Are you really in a position to ask me to beg?” Naruto asked skeptically, frowning as he set a knee down carefully on the edge of the seat and a palm to the table top. “As it is, I do think you’re quite cornered.” He motioned to himself, “And I’m not moving until I get my damn muffin. Now fork it over.” He leaned forward to claw for it with his other hand, keeping his balance with the first palm.

He swatted the others hand with a snicker, “ But I still have the muffin..” Tongue poked out as he threatened to lick said muffin and possibly ruin it for the other male, he couldn’t help it he liked teasing the other.

“You must be high on pink or something, Sassy-Chan.” Naruto said whilst shaking his head, frowning as he felt he ought to lean closer and so shuffled along the seat. “Hey, you lick that and I’ll have no problem slapping you!” He moved to put his other arm on the rest, shuffling again until he was content with the fact he was leaning over the Uchiha.

“…Do not molest my muffin, please and thank you!”

He snickered a little, “You better be careful Naruto-teme...” He said with a devious glare, “I may not be able to fight at work but that doesn’t mean you're home free..” He turned the muffin in his fingers slowly, peering up at the other with a devious expression.

“Listen, enough of this.” He reached again for the muffin, “Why are you being such a bastard? Go get your own muffin! This one’s mine, it was mine, you gave it to me. There’s no take-backs with muffins.” He growled, “And what the hell do you mean ‘home free’—Even if you can’t fight, I can still take it back with force.” He narrowed his eyes.

“I wouldn't even have to touch you to get you off of me..” He commented tryly as he plucked off another piece of the muffin, popping it past those soft pink lips and taking it down.

“Oh now how is that?” Naruto asked, arching a brow—Oblivious to his continued hovering over the other boy’s form. “Don’t be lying, Sasu-Chan, and for the love of God stop eating my muffin!” He pouted, trying not to watch the destruction of his blueberry laden love.

“Because, if you try and force me to do anything all I have to do is cry out and I'm sure those testosterone driven monsters would be glad to help their pretty little waitress, ne?” He asked as he ate yet another small piece of that muffin.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Naruto said lowly, shooting a look over his shoulder to the men in mention before glancing back to Sasuke. Sure, the idiot had a point… “You would, wouldn’t you… you little imp.” He sent a glare at the other boy.

“… But I want… my muffin.” He didn’t yet wish to acknowledge defeat.

The lithe form of the pale boy leaned backwards a little, lips parting as he would then allow his lips to part, sighing a little, “Oh.. but I think I like this muffin..” He popped off another piece, but just lifted it to place it to the others lips, “And you're right I would.”

“Hmph. So much for assuming as an Uchiha you didn’t need big stronger men to help you.” Naruto said resentfully, eyes narrowed as he found himself with his word against the other’s—He couldn’t do anything, knowing that if indeed the Uchiha yelped out (like a sissy,) he would be in a troubling position.

Unless of course, he could keep the Uchiha in question quiet.

And what was the proven Uzumaki way of shutting a rich prat up?

Ah. Yes.

“Princess.” He said sharply, “Last chance to surrender the muffin.”

“Don't call me princess..” He protested as he would then pluck off a piece of the muffin, offering it to the other with a little grin. He'd try to subdue the blond with a small piece so he could continue to tease the other.

He liked to; he couldn’t help it.

And even if it made him a pansy, it might be worth it too see the jocks make a fool out of him.

Okay, for future reference Naruto noted (he wasn’t particularly sure why he note this,) that the youngest Uchiha was a tease. His glare lessened as the piece was offered, and he gave it a long look (Telling himself not to give in,) before a thought struck. If he was being teased here, why not play the hell along.

A sly grin sprawled over his lips he leaned forward to collect the piece, albeit without his fingers and instead his lips. Yes, at times he was perverted. And as he let his tongue touch the other’s fingers briefly, he was thankful of the fact.

He blinked before he scoffed a little, sinking down a little trying to keep himself from getting too close. Squirming a little as he would then allow his fingers to trace slowly over the blonds lower lip. “Mmm... You better behave yourself...”

He snickered just a little as he parted his lips to bite down on the muffin lightly.

“Were I unable?” Naruto said despite what his mind was screaming, (Taking a joke too far, for one,) he withdrew with a sultry look upwards whilst chewing on what he’d just been handed. “This’d be a lot easier were you to just hand over the muffin, darling.” He said with a sarcastic emphasis on the last word.

“Tsk tsk...” He shook a finger at the other, but wasn’t sure he could take this any farther then it was already at his place of work. And so fingers lifted the muffin up towards the others lips as he let out a little huff, “You are a pervy little creature..”

“Victory.” Naruto said happily, leaving his hands where they were to steady himself as he took a bite of the muffin with a content look. “Don’t blame me, blame the world around me for my perversion.” He didn’t expect Sasuke to know what he was talking about, but instead he chewed carefully before shifting his weight now in preparation to sit.

“You never answered when I asked how long your shifts were.” He said with genuine curiosity.

“I usually work about eight hours or so after classes..” He said softly as he slowly sat up, amusement flickering over his features as he glanced over Naruto’s shoulder before back to the blond.

“It seems they think you were molesting me..” He snickered a bit, “But after all you are the suspicious type..”

“Eight hours would end when?” Naruto asked offhand, cocking his head to look to the brutes he was slowly becoming slightly wary of—Sasuke’s words as to molestation didn’t help, and as he turned back he gave the Uchiha a frown. “I wasn’t molesting you, you didn’t protest to that.” He smirked, “If anything you enjoyed it.”

“And how exactly am I suspicious?” He wasn’t particularly sure he wanted to know where it would go, he was defensive enough as it was about his lifestyle.

“Well... with your shirt and hoodie, and jeans, of course your brazen appearance, you look like a thug.” He said as he patted the others stomach playfully teasing it with his fingertips, “Not to mention the fact you were just hovering over me a few minutes ago, and had me cornered-- it all really looks bad for you…”

Naruto gave a glance to his shirt, noting that despite what he would like to protest, his clothing choices were indeed that of a possibly thought-to-be thug. He frowned, eyes drifting to the Uchiha’s fingers for a moment before he gave a slow look upwards. “Excuse me for being prepared for street life.” He muttered, ignoring the group of men for the moment as he reached for a small chunk of muffin which he ate with a displeasured look.

“Its alright, I forgive you this once, blondie.” He chuckled as he left his fingers trailing as they were, eyes sliding to the muffin before to the others face, a bit curious. “I get off in about an hour..”

Naruto wondered if he should be thankful he was apparently forgiven, frown line appearing on his brow after a second of thought. “You don’t approve of my clothing style?” He looked back down to his sweater, seeing nothing at all wrong with it. The only thing out of place, or at least visually so, were the other’s finger tips. He saw no reason to remove them (it was a nice feeling? He’d never admit it,) at least not yet.

“Don’t get too content feeling me up.” He said with a small smirk, “You are supposedly on shift. Although that’s debatable, as of course I’m molesting you. Either way.” He shrugged, words falling short of mentioning what he had intended. What was he going to say, a cheesy ‘I’ll walk ya’ home bebe’? Why did he care? He didn’t.

Did he?

He rolled his eyes, “You have a point I am on shift, and once you stop blocking my exit I will gladly get back to work serving the other men..” Wait.. what? He paused, frowned, and then rephrased himself, “I'll go back to waiting the other tables.” Yes, that sounded much better then saying he was servicing other men...

“What if I don’t want to move?” Naruto asked, arching a brow with a devilish smirk. “I want to keep you all to myself, screw the other men!” He frowned himself, but didn’t let his perverted misconception of his own words detour him from talking any further. “Now what can I do for the next hour, hum…” He tapped a finger to his chin, taking his time in considering his nonexistent options.

He huffed a little as he rocked in his seat a little, lips parting as he would then look the other over for a moment, “Let me out you mutt..” He said as he poked the others ribs slightly,

“That is, unless you're jealous, hm?” He chuckled himself at that, though he didn’t know what amused him so much about taunting the other-- or why he felt he needed to know...

“Oh yes, I am jealous of you ‘serving’ the other men in this ‘establishment’.” He rolled his eyes playfully, “I wish to keep you here all to myself in your little apron.” He cocked his head to the side to look at the Uchiha head on. “Poke me again and you’ll regret it.” He waggled a brow before chuckling to himself.

He blinked and snorted, taking that as a challenge as he would bring his hand up slowly, digit extending as that soft finger would jab into the blonds ribs again, challenging his comment.

Naruto knit his brows, giving the Uchiha a scrupulous glance. “Always one to play to the boundaries, aren’t you.” He made a motion to snatch up the other’s wrist, not entirely sure what he was to do—Something, at least.

“Of course..” He retorted as he would leave his wrists to rest into the others hand looking at him, curious as to what he was going to do-- if anything.

Other hand gave another light jab, just to egg him on, his curiosity making him rather devilish.

The blond rolled his eyes, taking the Uchiha’s wrist and giving it a pull as he leaned, tilting his head to rest his chin next to the other boy’s ear. He grinned to himself, feeling awkward in the tilted position, but spoke carefully and in a whisper to ensure his point (had he one,) was heard.

“Sasuke-Chan, you should know better than to incite a thug like me.”

The normally unphazed Uchiha failed to reign in the shudder crawling up his spine and inciting a low breath from him. But he just pursed his lips, not wanting to let the other get the best of him-- at least no more then he just had, “I don’t... see what’s so scary about a little thug.”

“You see we thugs,” He said, sure to keep his lips close to the other’s ear whilst letting his eyes fall half closed, “Tend to be rougher than the average… Apron clad bakery waitress.” He smiled, running a finger along the wrist in his hold.

“You don't want me to have to hurt you in some way, now do you?”

Lips thinned out as his face flushed, but he took a deep breath before retorting in the best he knew how, “You... couldn’t hurt me...” He tilted his head to the side just a little, trying to tilt his head away a little-- not to mention to hide that faint blush.

“Oh but I could.” Naruto cooed, enjoying somewhat the feel of having someone shift away (he couldn’t tell, the Uchiha was probably irritated with him,) from what he said like he intended—was he making him squirm? “In ways you know nothing about.” He breathed this final part in a low and husky tone, mostly for the sake of getting one last chill (he was suppressing laughter, unsure as to why,) and well. The words just came to him.

“Funny..” He muttered, mouth running dry as he turned his wrist slightly, “Stop that.. you look ridiculous..” Eyes slid from their half-lidded position to fully closed, blocking those marble black hues from view. He shifted again, one leg slipping down under the table; the other still arched slightly and pressed to the back of the couch.

“Stop what?” He said, drawing back just enough to see that the Uchiha had closed his eyes—for how long? The blond arched a brow, noting the position of the other boy and how tempting it was to just further what he’d previously said… he had to admit there was indeed something that drove him to want to show the Uchiha he meant what he said…

Perhaps that could explain why he soon found himself clasping the other’s wrist tighter as he shifted again where he sat—This time to get back up on one knee, to crouch again over the other’s body without a care to those around him (he blocked them all out efficiently,) as he rested his chin in the crook of the other’s neck and pressed his chest closer. “I’m merely proving a point.”

A low noise passed his lips as he stilled below the other male, shifting awkwardly when the others chin came to rest in his chest.

His heartbeat felt through that fabric as he let out a low agitated noise, trying his best to regain that intimidating attitude. “Y... You've proved nothing..”

“Haven’t I?” He murmured in to the other’s collarbone, tilting his head enough to send a curious blue eye’s gaze upward, waiting to see precisely what reaction he might get as he darted out his tongue to run along said bone before withdrawing from the Uchiha with an odd taste of… vanilla perhaps, lingering in his mouth.

Sly grin back in place he surveyed the Uchiha’s face for a moment, “Uzumaki Naruto, Victorious.” He stuck out his tongue again, this time in mocking, “You know you love me, mate.”

Lips pressed harder at the lick, little shudder passing from him as he attempted to twist his wrist free, “Stop that..” He didn’t know why but suddenly he felt just a bit.. nervous. Things like this always got to him, after... back then he really avoided situations that got too close-- and this was much closer then any other beings got the privilege of being.

“Suddenly shy, Sasuke-Chan?” Naruto asked, tilting his head to the side. “I would think you would have at least thwapped me for what I did—I guess I’m getting better at avoiding potentially hurtful situations.” He grinned. “Did I not do a good job of passing the time?” He looked around the room for a clock, hiding his amusement at the fact he’d only mimicked what he’d seen done before, but hey, it seemed reasonable.

“You're an ass..” He said as he looked away from the other, taking a slow breath and then letting it out.. Wrist twisting again as the other still hadn't let go of him. “Now... stop playing thug and get off of me..”

Naruto blinked, “What happened to the burly brat from before?” He rose a brow, seemingly unaware as to what he had done or any effects it might’ve caused. He complied and released the pale wrist, watching for a second before letting his eyes widen a small bit. “I’m sorry?” He blinked, “You can go back to servicing other men if you want.” He said with his grin quickly replacing the confusion on his features.

He let out a slow breath as he seemed to be thinking to himself., catching himself, he forced a stoic look to those soft features, “A-are you going to let me go now? Or are you still determined to keep me captive?”

“Well.” He gave the brunette a look, “Can I come back tomorrow?” He gave a wide grin, intent on moving out of the other’s way regardless of the answer, but all the same he wanted to ensure he wasn’t going to be banned from Grandma’s bakery or whatnot.

“Could I stop you?” He asked as he shifted a little, Apron slipping down between his thighs as he folded his hands there, sitting in the same position for the time being as he watched the blond. Not sure what to do with himself, and a bit peeved the blond had, as much as he would never admit it to himself or the other, made him squirm like he hadn't in a long time.

“Good question.” Naruto said with a laugh, slipping out of his seat before turning to offer the Uchiha his hand—Perhaps it was unnecessary, but he was feeling a little guilty for causing the other male to stutter, the only thing he picked up on. He smiled sheepishly, “Next time you just give me the muffin and nobody gets hurt.” He paused to recollect, “Or molested.”

He stared at the hand for a long moment before he took it in those slender fingers of his own, coming to a uneven stand. He brushed himself off as he glanced up to the other, smirking a bit, “And what makes you so sure you'll get another free meal out of me, eh?” He peered at the other, amusement flickering in those dark eyes once more.

“Going to test me again, Sasuke-Chan?” He asked, “I’m a thug, what can you expect?” He grinned again, noting with another arch of a brow that that damn apron was still too adorable for words. “By the way,” He said as he turned to leave, “You use some sort of vanilla themed soap, do you not?” A look in his eyes gave him away, and he stuck out his tongue at the Uchiha. “Tastes good, whatever it is.”

He flustered, just a little, “Threatening me for food are you?” with that said he blushed clamping a hand over his shoulder blade where he'd been licked, thinking about the lathering he had given himself in the earlier morning. The poor black haired male really didn’t know how to react to the other saying such a thing, just flushed and attempted to look angry.

Naruto grinned to himself, sending a wink to the Uchiha before turning to complete his exit with his heart having picked up in pace.
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