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{Rple Play Log}

Who: Uchiha Sasuke (slashedhiate) & Uzumaki Naruto (covetous)
What: (Part One!) Naruto runs in to Sasuke; questions are asked regarding the tattoos, Naruto finds things out, coffee is bought and bananas are force-fed. I kid you not. And uh. Tender making-out-ness?
Where: Parking-lot, cafeteria and dorm-room. In that order.
Warnings: May cause one not to see bananas the same way again—SasuNaruSasu in a way, and uh. Yeah.


Naruto stretched the joint of his shoulder carefully and tenderly, a stiffness having plagued him through the last few days as he tried in vain to get comfortable with sleeping in the backseat of his car. It wasn’t working well, and he could start to feel compassionate for the homeless people who didn’t even have a car to sleep in. Not that it was much different, as he’d long since run out of gasoline and simply had a small shelter and his wardrobe full of clothes to keep him warm.

He groaned, sitting up in yesterday’s clothes irritably before he turned his attentions around to fishing through the small amounts of fabrics that weren’t in the cheap storage building nearby. He gave a look to the morning frosted window, shrugging it off and pulling his old tee over his head with little regard to anyone who might snoop close enough to his car to see him getting changed in to slightly cleaner and yet still wrinkled clothing; a pair of flattering dark blue jeans and a long-sleeved black shirt.

He couldn’t do much for his teeth nor a morning shower, those could wait until later when he slipped in to campus to make use of the showers and locker room. He yawned again, suggesting to himself to go get some mints – and clambered over to the front seat (as the back was stuffed on both sides and he didn’t dare open a door,) and opened the door reluctantly to go across the parking lot to the Kwikmart for well, mints.

After a moment of consideration, he ducked back in to his car to snatch a black blazer from the passenger seat; shrugging it on after slamming his door shut again. He hurried across the parking lot to enter the convenience store with a soft sound of automated chimes and the noise of sliding doors. He browsed the aisles, picking up a box of crackers (hey, hey, no comment!) before swiping mints from the front counter and placing them down to be scanned.

He was low on cash, pulling out the remainder of the Uchiha’s money—he couldn’t go without eating again, hence the crackers, and paid for it with a sheepish smile.

He was... tired. To say the least, a few recent event making him more stressed then usual (was that possible?) and keeping him from his normal four hours of sleep-- which wasn’t much but he was able to live off of it.

He was on his way... somewhere. Where was debatable; he didn’t have his apron on so he wasn’t going to work, but he wasn’t dressed in his usual bland attire either.

Black collar-like fabric wrapped around his neck and covered that tattoo— last thing he wanted was someone who KNEW what it was accosting him in the street. It'd happened once... or twice… after he'd first gotten out of that situation, and he'd not found them pleasant in the least bit.

The same fabric bound up his arm, from wrist to elbow to block from view the brutally dark and large snake-tattoo that seemed to refuse to fade in the least bit.

Legs adorned long jeans that hung down over his hips—the stitching the same as in the other pants he owned, large and an obscure color... This time a red that had faded into a rosy-pink, upper half had a thin shirt on, a strapped one indeed-- a bit feminine but he really didn’t care anymore—and a zip up red hoodie— his white one still in the possession of Shikamaru..

Naruto gave a sloppy smile to the clerk again to say small thanks for her gracious counting of his pocket-change and pennies before taking the hold of the plastic bag’s handles whilst slipping the mints in to his pocket as he exited the store again. He made a B-line for his car, humming to himself as he turned the lock and threw the crackers to the passenger seat for later before slamming the door shut again.

Maybe he should’ve bought cigarettes with that money. Then at least he’d die faster, and do so looking relatively cool. Not just the ice-cube kid come that December. He shook his head at the thought and popped two mints from the small tin and threw them in to his mouth before pushing off from his lean on the car—He needed to walk, stretch his legs. So that was just what he did.

For a few moments he was allowed to keep to his thoughts before he saw another morning-walking form, and he perked a fair brow before recognizing it. (How could he not?) From the back he could already see, and picked ups his pace while crunching the mints between his molars while sporting an impish grin. He extended a hand to tap the boy on the shoulder once he was within reach.

“Sassssssy-Chaaaaaan.” He cooed, finding this all to familiar. He really ought to stop stalking the kid.

He jumped at the touch to his shoulder hand instantly clamping over that mark on his shoulder--which wasn’t even visible at the time—out of fear of his own thoughts. “Neh?” After a moment he noted it was only Naruto and nodded his head to the other, “Eh.. yes?”

He had no idea why he was letting this get to him, it'd been forever... but lately he'd been getting bad feelings—and he could remember the last time he got bad feelings...

“What is it Naruto?” He asked, forgetting he'd already replied with a ‘yes?’ to the others call of his ‘name’. He glanced the other over for a moment, taking in his clothing with a cock of one of those thin brows, zipping the front of his hoodie a little more.

“Just saying hello.” Naruto said with light confusion, what was wrong with greeting someone you knew? He frowned at this, shifting to come to the boy’s side while continuing to look the Uchiha up then down. “Someone’s not happy this morning?” He asked with knitted brows.

“I'm fine...” He said all-too-quickly. But he didn’t want to suddenly burst the bubble and fall into some sort of confession with the blond who would likely laugh at him or worse. No, Sasuke wasn’t like that.

Hand slipped inside the warmth of his sweater, tugging the right strap of that shirt back up on his shoulder, before letting his hand fall back down to his side.
“Right.” Naruto said with a roll of his eyes, “Can’t you at least pretend to be happy to see me?” He asked, perking a brow again before slipping an arm to hang over his shoulder. He wasn’t sure whether or not to continue pestering the brunette—He wasn’t particularly sure that the other was in any sort of peachy mood.

“Something prying on your nerves?” He asked, eying the choice of wardrobe of the boy curiously; he was content to think that he didn’t look too much like a thug at the moment and could protest that were the other to bring it up—but Sasuke’s clothing was well… intriguing? The collar especially. “You look more anal-retentive than usual.”

“Looking at my ass? Or making a metaphorical comment?” He scoffed ignoring the arm slung around him for the time being as he continued down the street, hands sliding upwards and into his sweater pockets, eyes rolling back ahead as he seemed content to continue forward—letting the other come along for the time being.

“Bad day.” As if that explained it all, that was all he said—was more necessary? Most likely; but it didn’t seem he was so eager to give up what had caused such feelings in himself.

“Oh yes, I’m oogling your ass.” Naruto said with a hearty laugh, finding the thought horribly amusing as he leaned harder on Sasuke’s shoulder before starting to walk along with him, not bothering to remove his arm even as they walked. So sue him, he didn’t much care.

“Bad day, hmmm?” He echoed thoughtfully, “What exactly deemed it a bad day?” He gave the boy another curious look through the corner of his eye.

“None of your business...” He said as a hand lifted to scratch at his neck, wincing a little before he turned his head away from the other a bit. “Not that it matters, so why are you following me now? Shouldn’t you still be in bed?”

After all, how would one expect to see the other so early in the morning? Well it wasn’t still dark out, but it surely was before he expected the blond to be out of bed, let alone moving around so much…

“Ah, my bed’s not the most comfortable one in the world.” Naruto said dismissively, having picked up on the wince in the younger boy but not yet sure whether or not to prod at it. He pursed his lips for a moment before considering it.

“Why hasn’t your day been all that good?” He asked again, “The day technically hasn’t even started here.” He frowned, not sure what to make of it.

“Didn’t I just say it was none of your business?” He hissed out and this was the time he pulled away from the other, arms wrapping around himself self consciously. Eyes darting to the other before back out into the street. “It doesn’t matter; you couldn’t make it any better if you tried.”

“Excuse me for caring why you’re more of an ass than usual.” Naruto growled, dropping his arm back down to his side irritably. “So sue me you have a kink in your neck, but there are worse things in the world.” He frowned now, his glare lessening as he surveyed the dark haired boy.

“Throw what you can at me, I’ll prove to you there’s worse.”

“I don't want you to know…” He said as he rubbed his neck again, nervously continuing to rub his fingers on it at the others focus, wishing he could have just burned the marks away from his body.

“Che,” Naruto agitatedly stared at the ebony haired male, “If you wanna play secrets and keep the world away then fine. Just to let you know that you’re getting along pretty easily, Sasuke-Chan, so much for me trying to be kind and considerate here an’ ask what the fuck has your panties in a knot.”

He glared at the other, and for a long moment he just stood there. Fingers clenching and unclenching as if he wanted to take a swing at the other. But instead he just picked up the pace, unable to reply, what did it matter? He didn’t even know what he could say if he wanted to... it would just cause much more trouble...

Naruto clenched his fists tightly at his side, “Don’t fucking walk away from me you little fuck!” He growled, picking up the pace as well to follow the Uchiha soon as he noted the other put their back to him. He reached to grab the other’s shoulder, to turn him around to face him again.

“That’s it, you’re just scared, hm?”

He twitched at the touch to his shoulder, eyes going to the other as he let out a low voice, he looked over the body of the other for a moment before he sneered, “Scare of what? What could I possibly be fucking scared of?!”

He felt his stomach clench slightly, but didn’t try to think about it—the other didn’t know... he... couldn’t know. He pursed his lips confirming that with himself.

“Tch.” Naruto snarled, “Scared to fucking let anyone know you.” Like he, for one, was one to talk in the situation—Growing up through elementary and high-school years he had, while being the constant center of attention—sheltered himself from everyone to keep them from knowing that he wasn’t the happy little kid with parents waiting at home, a large and cozy house to keep him warm.

No, much less he was the problem child revolting against any foster home and anyone who tried to get to know him. Dealing with anger issues, fights and even a few run-in’s with the blue suited cops. He didn’t ever once let someone know how he felt, no, not indeed.

So why was he pushing so hard to find out Sasuke’s problems? Shouldn’t he be understanding and let him stalk off to be emo somewhere? He could only come to the conclusion that he wanted to know someone else’s problems. Would he laugh at the other’s problems like he had to the preps in freshman year at Konoha-High when they whined about boy troubles, allowances and future dates? Or could he… relate?

He stared for a moment before he shifted awkwardly, one arm coming across his stomach and grasping onto his other arm loosely. He didn’t know what to do... he couldn't possibly explain what was bothering him... no... that was going to remain his deep, dark, secret—forever if he could help it.

So, instead he decided to throw the other off track—and maybe make him storm off instead, lips parting as he said—trying to remain still and not give his intentions away, “Shikamaru kissed me.” He knew ‘I kissed Shikamaru’ might have made the other go away… faster, but he wasn’t one to lie about things.

Naruto blinked, lips parting as he tried to think up a valid response to that. It took him a moment, but then he scoffed. “Here I was thinking it was something important; Shikamaru kissed you—Well then, the world’s got to end.”

He wasn’t sure why he was saying this so heatedly, perhaps he was indeed a little hurt by the fact that Shikamaru had… well, kissed Sasuke—But he had no reason to be, it wasn’t as if he and Sasuke had anything. Or were going to. Something like that. Perhaps he was just defensive.

“I’ve kissed you. Big deal.”

“Well...” He paused for a moment, “I didn’t... intend for it to happen... hell I don’t think he even intended for it to happen…” Fingers interlaced at the back of his neck, eyes sliding closed for a moment before he stepped forward, trying not to sigh out loud.

“But, if it doesn’t bother you...” He trailed off, glad that the subject had been changed so easily.

Naruto put his hands on his hips, “It’s not that it doesn’t bother me, really,” he said with a hint of growing irritation. “I just thought perhaps there was something more… less…” He ended it with a frown.

“If you both didn’t intend for it to happen, how did it?” He couldn’t resist asking the obvious, although felt he’d really like to be brushed off on that matter so he didn’t have to worry.

“I don’t know..” He rubbed his head, not wanting to tell the other he’d been playing around with Shikamaru’s stomach and got mobbed by the boy, so instead he replied, “I think it was a ploy for him to steal my sweater...” He paused for a moment, frowning a little at his thoughts—wondering if it was such a good idea to tell the other that clothes were removed... oh well too late now.

Naruto frowned, but said nothing more on the matter—He felt squirmish while at the same time utterly frustrated. He couldn’t fathom why. When he’d composed himself both mentally and physically (his fist unclenched slowly, knuckles feeling almost locked from the tight hold they were in without his notice,) he gave the brunette a long and very calculating look.

“So that’s all?” He qued, “Were you that emo after I kissed you, too?” So sue him, he was curious.

“Maybe...” He said quietly as he would then slide his hands into his pockets, eyes closing for a moment before he shrugged a little. “Some other stuff, I guess... but… it was just weird to me... thought you might like to know...” Well, he doubted that, but it was plausible.

Naruto cracked up and laughed for a moment before shooting a wry smile to the other boy. “You make it sound like we’re dating.” After he said this his smile lessened for a second and was soon replaced with a confused frown. As he noted his expression he abruptly forced himself to speak again; “Other stuff?”

“Nothing you should be concerned about...” He shrugged his shoulders a little, “I didn’t kiss anyone else or anything like that...” Eyes closed before flickering to the road. That was... mostly true, depending on which the context it was taken as.

Naruto sighed, looking away to the street across again. “Fine, keep it to yourself.” He said this in a low tone, giving up on his friendly jest for the time being. Was it so hard to get to know somebody? Hell, this gave good reason to why he hadn’t done anything like this before.

He blinked as he watched the other for a moment, wondering if the feeling he had amounted to guilt or self-pity... he really couldn’t differentiate at the time. “Don't take it personally...”

“Hah,” He cocked his head to look back to Sasuke. “Don’t even start with ‘taking things personally’ Sasuke-Chan.” He shook his head for a second, sending his attention up to a No Parking sign on a pole close-by.

“I mean it...” He said softly as he stopped in his tracks to look over to the other, “I don’t... want you to be offended... or anything… but it’s... really, really personal.”

“Sasuke, when is it ever good to tell me ‘it’ is something personal—when you know I’m already curious?” He asked, forgetting the suffix momentarily as he shot the other a relentless look. “You should know now, I ain’t going to let you get off easily. Err.” He wasn’t particularly sure if he wanted to know the definition of personal here…

He looked the other over before looking away from the blond, “It has to deal with my past.. n.. nothing important, just... my past. Just some bad memories… so... there’s no need for me to bring them up—they never look kindly on anyone.”

Naruto frowned, but stayed quiet for this. He wasn’t sure what to say—Hell, were the roles reversed… he’d be inclined to keep quiet all the same. Guh, what did he expect? He scuffed his shoe against the cement for a second, lingering on the verge of saying something else but not sure whether or not to try.

“Why do you wear that?” He asked, although this time just out of curiosity as he gestured to his own neck to indicate what he was talking about. He’d caught sight of it, and hadn’t been able to figure.

He flinched a little as he placed a hand over his neck, staring for a moment before he shook his head, “No reason.” He was lying through his teeth and he knew it, and wasn’t even sure the other would believe what he had said but he didn’t know how else to go about responding— he just... didn’t want to let him know.

“You say that as you wince.” Naruto scoffed, taking a step closer to give a concerned look to the brunette. “You’re okay, right?” He asked cautiously, bringing up a sole hand to run a finger down the pale boy’s jawbone with a thoughtful-look.

“Y-yeah...” He flustered a little as he would then look to the other for a moment before pulling back a little eyes directed down towards the ground, “Like I said.. there’s nothing wrong.. I'm just being paranoid.”

Naruto kept his eyes on Sasuke, his finger trailing to rest under the boy’s chin to pull it up to look back at him. “Paranoia comes with good reason.” He murmured, leaning close to hover his lips atop Sasuke’s as his fingers trailed to the other’s neck slowly.

He looked up, and he wasn’t even sure why, body stilled as dark eyes seemed intently focused on the others face, slow shallow breaths passing his lips as his hands remained still.

“Hmmm?” He tilted his head slightly, his fingers gently slipping down to touch the collar while he kept close to the Uchiha—nearly ghosting on his lips (so tempting,) whilst trying to slip slender finger-tips to touch the skin beneath said collar.

The shiver that ran down his spine was almost overwhelming, eyes falling into a half-lidded position, lips parting as he glanced over the other for a moment. “Naruto...”

“Not that bad, is it?” He asked, words muttered so close to Sasuke’s lips they would probably count as a kiss to the more inclined. His fingers roamed for a second, touching lightly to the flesh they could. “Mm.”

Fingers gripped tightly at the front of his shirt, heart beat picking up so much so he thought he could hear it pounding in his ears. Bottom lip shaking just slightly as he felt the sensation of fingers trailing along his neck, paling just a little.

Naruto’s fingers didn’t fumble, and he was thankful, although he wasn’t particularly sure how one was to remove the collar so he directed blue irises to look in to those of the other for a pleading moment.

He bit hard enough on that bottom lip it almost bled. He wasn’t sure how to react for a moment before he reached up slowly before undoing the knot on his neck and letting the fabric slip down, unveiling the dark, unusual tattoo branded into his neck.

Naruto withdrew for a second, directing a wide eyed look to the other boy’s neck for a second to see what was there; his fingers again coming up to gingerly touch the spot—Fearful for the moment that he might somehow hurt the other. After a moment of curious inspection he looked back to the boy’s eyes.

“Not so bad, is it?” He asked in a whisper, his eyes still wide and brimming with questions he wasn’t sure how to ask.

He frowned a little but didn’t reply; instead he just lifted his arm and slowly began to unroll that black fabric which covered that much larger tattoo that wrapped around his lower arm, wincing just a bit. He didn't know why they hurt... why they always hurt. He just assumed it was some sort of... defect in his brain.

Naruto looked down to the boy’s arm as he moved it, head tilting to the side for a moment to better see the mark (his fingers gently caressing it almost immediately,) almost transfixed—he pulled himself out to look back up to the dark set of eyes. “What… why?” He asked, his fingers lingering.

He glanced down with a frown, he'd not looked to them often these days, covering them as soon as he was washed and not uncovering them till the next day he went to clean up. “I've had these tattoos for longer then I can remember, and yet they never fade...”

“You look ashamed of them.” Naruto came to the conclusion by watching the other’s expressions; perhaps he was just stating the obvious. “I won’t pry—but…” He let his fingers continue to stroke the pale skin in circles. “… are they honestly that bad?”

Fingers flexed for a moment as he looked over the large spiraling snake tattoo before he closed his eyes, letting out a slow breath—and forcing himself to remain calm—. “They're worse then you could ever imagine…”

Naruto continued to keep watching Sasuke, unsure what to make of this—he blinked a few times before letting another frown line come to his brow. “They are?” He echoed, not sure what about inked skin could be so horrible.

“Yeah...” He said, as he frowned and rubbed over his arm hard enough to turn it red for a bit. He... he hated those marks with a passion. He didn’t know what to do then, it seemed as if the smug boy was frozen.

“Hey-hey, don’t do that.” Naruto said, bringing up a hand in an attempt to stop him. “That’s not going to help it any.” He gave a perplexed look, trying to fathom what was so horrible about them. Jesus, couldn’t anything be easy…

“Quit rubbing them or I’ll stop you, the Uzumaki way.” He said with a wink, trying to lighten the mood before he himself ended up six feet under here.

He blinked, eyes flickering back to the others face before he rubbed over his arm again, he couldn’t help it—however he didn’t do it as harsh as before—but he wasn’t used to... looking at them. “The Uzumaki way?” He questioned as he pulled his arm up to his chest.

“Geez, I would have thought that you of all people would know.” Naruto said with a roll of his eyes, taking the Uchiha’s forearms in his hands before leaning closer. “Now stop rubbing, damn it.” He scowled, and after diverting his glance down to the other’s wrists once more, he looked up and grinned. “One Uzumaki special per rub.” He tried to ignore his perverse mind and instead lightly tapped his lips against Sasuke’s.

He sighed softly against the others brush of lips. Fingers shifting slightly as he tried, desperately, to fall back into the pattern of things, “Are you supposed to be discouraging or encouraging this action?” He tried to smirk, but when it failed he just let his eyes linger over the others face.

“Well, you know for one—you don’t have to let my kissing be a bad thing.” He paused to tap a finger on his lip, “As in the way you phrase it makes my kisses sound like a good thing.” He gave a grin, “Do I have to change things now, Sassy-Chan?”

He looked the other over for a moment, before he flushed— just barely—across the tops of his cheeks, “Ahnn... what would I care?” He shook his head a little as he chewed on his lower lip.

“You’re the one being kissed; I’d assume you’d like it were you not to protest.” He grinned smugly now, still holding the other boy’s arms carefully (now well aware of the mark and hesitant to put pressure on it for some reason…) in his hands. “Face it, you li-i-i-i-i-i-ke it.”

He huffed—which came with just the slightest puffing in his cheeks—as he listened to the other draw out the syllable. “And, if I did?” What then? He wasn’t even sure how people went about talking about these sorts of things... he'd always avoided them with great effort.

“Well then.” Naruto said, trying to think of the words before he said them; hard task, but he was trying. “That would make things interesting, errm, wouldn’t it?” He tilted his head again, blue eyes watching the other. “Interesting indeed.”

“I guess it would...” He said for a moment before he picked up that black fabric once more, beginning to wrap his arm up again, eyes avoiding the others and rather just intent on his fingers.

Naruto watched patiently, slightly upset while at the same time unable to protest; the Uchiha could do what he wished. He couldn’t stop him. “When you’re done…” He said, waiting again. “I want to err, test something.” He smiled sweetly, perhaps too much so, while waiting.

He blinked as he tucked the end of the fabric under one of the folds to hold it in place—he couldn’t help it, it made him nervous… and he didn’t like being like that. He glanced back up to those bright blue hues, “Hm?”


Naruto to that point, hadn’t been seriously, seriously considering the fact that he’d on more than one occasion, locked lips with the other boy. Considering that and his automatic-feeling-reaction to the news regarding Shikamaru…

“Good.” He let out a breath before leaning in close again, this time putting his hands limply on the other’s shoulders as he drew close for a kiss. No jokes, nothing; he wanted to see… if ‘it’ was there.

He stiffened a little, and for a moment he really… really just didn’t know how to react— it was easy to hide in the others jokes to do such things, but this was something more open, honest and... awkward. He allowed those pale digits to creep up the others sides, eventually taking hold there, lips slowly pressing to return the kiss.

Naruto let out a sigh against the other’s lips, feeling perhaps a little audacious today (was he pushing it?) as he parted his lips to deepen this a little more; giving room to be pressed away if need be. He… thought he felt something, welling up and telling him to do what he did. He didn’t feel cold or unresponsive.

That was good, right?

Eyes slid half lidded again, before falling closed. Lips pressed harder into the others as he held tight, head tilting to the side just a little as he held onto the other almost too tight. But this... was difficult for him.

Naruto didn’t protest to the hold, simply (for this time,) slipping his arms around the other’s neck whilst pressing closer; oblivious to the world around them (hell, nobody’s awake in the damn morning,) as he became more ‘in’ to the kiss—Lips moving hastily as he pressed tightly, his tongue darting out to curiously prod at the other in a familiar way. How many kisses had they shared now?

More then two... straight? boys should have, that was for sure. Lips parted a little, a light touch of his own tongue against the others before parting a little more. Hands lowered down a little to rest at the small of the others back.

Oh yes, much more than perhaps two-boys-trying-to-stay-straight ought to have. But to the blond, this felt inevitable. After all, he had been very inclined to figure out the muddle of feelings he had; and this was helping. In it’s … own small way.

He let out a breath, his eyes sliding shut as he began to run his fingers amidst the other’s (rather soft,) hair. “Mm,” was all he could muster in terms of words, or well, sounds that sounded like words.

Head tilted towards the touch—he really liked it (not that he'd admit it). Hands tugging the other closer, as lips pulled away but he remained close to the other, letting out a few hot breaths as he let those eyelids flutter open halfway. “What... what are we doing?”

Naruto’s lashes fluttered again, this time in parting as he gaze a lazy look to the other while his eyes adjusted to the close proximity they were then in. He stared for a second, his lips hanging open as he shook himself mentally to regain alertness. “Kissing, I reckon.” He said with an impish smile, “In the middle of the God-damn street.”

He flushed a little, shaking his own head a little, “No... I mean... us... what is this? I... what…” He frowned as he took a breath to compose himself a little, “I do not know how to... to... to take this...”

Naruto sent him a shy look. “I’m not really sure myself…” He glanced away, “I was hoping to err, find out. With that kiss.” He blushed very faintly, and scrunched up his nose. “D-Did you like it?”

“Did you?” He asked, before he frowned at himself... he sounded like a child... and he didn’t like that. So instead he just tugged the other against himself, placing another kiss to the others lips quickly.

Naruto had been forming the word ‘yes’ on his lips to say, yet a pull forward stopped him in his tracks and he was yet again pressing up to the warmth of the other’s skin and clothing—His fingers were clasping tight to the fabric of the other’s sweater, in his hair—pulling his own body close he moaned ever so faintly in to the kiss; his eyes falling to mere slits as he just felt… close.

Perhaps this was his response.

He pressed deeper pulled back before pressing a few light kisses, “I just... want you to know I am... n... no good at this… so… I'm sorry... ahead of time...”

Naruto blinked a few times in quick succession, before laughing lightly at what the Uchiha had said once he sorted himself out after disentangling himself (slightly,) from the other(‘s lips,) “I-I’m just as inexperienced as you.” He smiled, slightly red for the moment—He’d blame it on the cold air—“But I think you already have the element of surprise down.”

He flushed a little as he closed his eyes, just pulling the other into a tight hug—something he'd not done in so long he'd almost forgotten what it was like, “I can't even... promise I'll... I'll be any good for you... I'm... not... really...”

Naruto shifted to get comfortable, his chin falling to rest in a familiar crook in the elder boy’s neck. “I can’t guarantee… I’ll be any a good influence… on you either.” He said with a wry smile, although it was hidden in the other’s hair. “I’m Uzumaki Naruto, remember?”

“How could I forget, no matter how hard I try you don’t seem to go away…” He chuckled faintly as he looked the other over slowly before he nuzzled the others jaw-line.

“You make it sound as if I’m a bad thing.” Naruto whined, drawing back a bit to shoot the other a mock hurt look. It then occurred to him that well, they were still in the midst of a street. “Should… Should we keep walking?” He had no qualms with staying where they were, but… wanted to ensure this first with the other.

“I suppose so...” He murmured as he released his grasp on the other, stepping back and rubbing his hands together, one hand rubbing hard at his neck with a wince. Turning he started to walk, the situation settling in on him.

Naruto hesitated for a second before picking up the pace and falling back in to line with the Uchiha—ensuring he kept a slight distance if said other decided to change his mind. (He tried to tell himself he was paranoid, but… hey.) “Uhm.” He looked to his shoes, watching as he took each step in turn. “Mind if I ask why you’re up so early?” He couldn’t remember if he asked that already.

“I don’t sleep a lot...” He muttered as he looked over to the other for an instant before back ahead, “Lately it’s been worse...” He said as he closed his eyes, trying to keep himself together as he thought back.

“Is… Is there a reason?” Naruto asked innocently, shooting the brunette a continuously wide eyed glance. He vaguely remembered someone telling him as a child about the benefits of sleep and how deprivation was hardly good; so he was slightly concerned now. (Mother-hen instinct? No way!)

“Yeah...” He said as he closed his eyes, but didn’t continue. He'd gotten closer to the other—and he didn’t think telling the other those.. sorts of things would help out any.

“Nevermind.” Naruto said with a sheepish laugh, remembering fondly that he didn’t ever like reciting his night-mares to the shrinks back in the day, and he didn’t care to force that upon Sasuke. “Erm,” He had thought to invite the other to his own house—but he was a lack of one, and wasn’t fond of being laughed at for living in his car. “So, er. Now…” He knit his brows.

“What?” He blinked as he looked to the other, letting out another chilled breath, watching the mist fade into nothingness, before he would then touch over the others hand before retracting his own—he didn’t... want to act like a girl..!

Frowning at himself he finally spoke up, “Want some coffee?”

Naruto flinched at the touch, not having expected it—He gave a long and slightly more content look to the Uchiha; he was starting to see that Sasuke wasn’t really… the prick he was… sometimes. (Yes, yes, okay.) Instead he was kinda nice if you got past… the prick!period.

Naruto shook himself out of that thought, grinning like a fox to his companion. “That’d be nice.”

He nodded as he started walking along, heading back towards campus—he wouldn’t admit it, but he was cold as hell, and he really just needed to get into a warmer area. Finally he lead the way along inside, and rubbed over his arms furiously trying to warm up.

Naruto smiled to himself, but picked up on something. “You’re rubbing your arms again—Good or bad thing?” He joked, prodding the Uchiha’s side with a finger before following him through the corridor. He vaguely wondered if he should bring up the fact his (empty,) wallet was in the glove-compartment of his car. Two days from then? Payday. Now? Not-so-much.

“Oh…” He said as he looked down to his marked arm for a moment, before he would try to ignore those creeping feelings in the back of his mind as he hurried along towards the cafeteria. “Just... come on...”

“Yes master.” Naruto drawled, soon after pondering his choice of words but not retracting them. He followed along with an unnecessary spring in his step, wary to getting too close to the Uchiha but keeping up al the same. He bit his tongue, trying to get the thoughts through his head—was what he was doing… right?

He slid through the room silently, before he grasped onto the divider, looking over the coffee before he ordered two—the other got no say this time, and soon stuffed one in the others hands and paid for them both. The poor boy seemed edgy.

Naruto didn’t like handouts. And he’d tell you just that, but on this particular day he was simply (utterly) grateful and nodded in slight thanks to the Uchiha. Damn it, by the time he got money he’d be owing a fortune to this guy. He moved to look for a seat, but paused; turning to face the Uchiha again.

“Remember I’m paying you back, alright?” He said with a deep look. “Last time I take free stuff.” He waggled a finger, not really presenting anything formidable. “Sit or walk?” He asked, turning his back to the Uchiha to hide his frustrated pink tinge.

“Walk...” He responded first, before he would then go back to earlier comments, “And I don’t want you to pay me back... money isn’t really important anyway...” He shook his head, “And I'll feed you if I please, you cant stop me...”

“To me money’s important; so expect me to pay you back no matter what. Hell, if I can’t give you cash, I’ll give you something else.” He failed to note his suggestion there, throwing a palm up in light frustration before sipping from his coffee.

“You can’t stuff me involuntarily.” He growled, shooting a look to the other, although his face betrayed him and he grinned.

“You want to bet on that?” He asked as he looked over the other for a moment before he would step along towards the hall, grinning at himself as he looked the other over, something devious sparkling in those onyx light-less pools.

Naruto sipped his coffee again, perplexed but not ready to back down. “Er, I think I would.” The key term there was ‘think’ as he arched a fair brow but followed the boy in to the corridor regardless. He wasn’t sure how he liked that look…

“You do, or you don’t, so do you—Naruto~?” He cooed as he would then eye the other, stepping along as he took a sip from his cup, a little relief from the warmth.

Naruto pursed his lips for a second, although soon after the bottom lip jutted out. “F-Fine!” He declared, staring a moment longer before taking a long sip from the cup in his hand. “What the hell are you thinking about?”

“Here’s a five...” He held up the bill, wiggling it between his fingers, “Go pick a food, any food, and grab it from the cafeteria, something you hate even... and I'll make you eat it.”

Naruto gave him an incredulous look, “What’d I just say about not taking favors?” He glared, finally swiping the bill from the other’s hands just to stop him from waggling it like that. “Anything? Fine. Tch.”

Naruto spun on his heels while muttering on his breath before entering the cafeteria again, snatching a few fruit from the basket on display—Apple, banana. He promptly paid for them both, some forty cents, and kept the change to hand right back as he left and gave Sasuke a ‘Hn’ sort of look.

“There’s your anything, here’s your change.” He shook his head, still oblivious to anything being planned.

He looked over the two objects for a moment, before he stuffed the apple in his pocket—for later—and began to peel the banana, picking up the pace for the time being, making sure all the little strings and what not where detached.

Naruto rose a brow, watching this with a budding sense of ‘Shouldn’t I be worrying right now’ plaguing him, although he couldn’t fathom what for. Trust Obliviousness to set in when he probably needed it most.

But it seemed as they walked they were coming closer, and closer to the dorms. He seemed to be contently taking his time, fingers prying a door open. Oh yes, he was being a very bad... Sasuke-chan.

Naruto quirked a brow, simply following with the same frown glued to his features as he cocked his head to the side; his dorm room? That’s what it looked like… The blond peeked over the Uchiha’s shoulder, blue eyes wide for the time being.

The room was.... well the same as what an empty room would be like really. It looked as if no one really lived there to begin with. “Have a seat...” He pointed to the bed, as he sat down. Eyeing the other with an almost too-innocent look.

Naruto gave the room a once over, walking in while making a full turn—He glanced to Sasuke first before nodding lightly and sitting on the edge of the bed. He carefully put his coffee-cup down beforehand, though, on the night-stand. “Uh.” He looked around again, before letting his eyes sink to the brunette.

Sasuke grinned at the other as his lips parted, tongue touching down on the food for a moment, flicking it before he took it into his mouth, before he bit off a piece and leaned towards the other, one hand grasping the others hip, pressing his lip to the blonds.

Naruto let out a light ‘Ah!’ at the pressure on his hip, but was muted by Sasuke’s lips atop his own and were his eyes not wide already, they sure as hell became so—T-That was cheating! The blond clamped his jaws together, intent on not losing this bet—one palm coming to rest on the Uchiha’s chest.

Tongue gently brushed against the others lower lip, fingers sliding down the others stomach as he gently massaged it. He climbed over the other, trying to seduce the other into parting his lips and allowing him to push his food into the others mouth.

Naruto’s face had gone red by now, and his eyes had long since closed—tightly, one might add. He was using all his restraint to keep from parting his lips, but as time ticked by it was becoming a more and more difficult task. He could feel the Uchiha climb up over him, and after a held in second he couldn’t hold it back and he let out a faint gasp; lips parting slightly, his mind already cursing.

Blue eyes fluttered open, and he stared upwards—Not. Fair.

He grinned and pushed the food forward still, rolling his body just slightly against the other as he pushed the food past his own lips and into the others mouth, hand tickling at the others throat to force him to swallow.

Naruto decided then that he wasn’t a fan of having food passed from someone else’s mouth in to his own, but had no choice but to swallow thanks to the prompting on the Uchiha’s part—Luckily he didn’t gag, and instead merely winced. He brought up a hand to grab for the Uchiha’s neck, brows knitting and his intent to harm (in return for… that. If you could call it that.) growing by second.

Jesus. If only he wasn’t swallowing foreign objects while being laid out and leaned over by the Uchiha. – Uh, that sounded kinky.

He pulled up with a smirk as he looked the other over, fingers touching his neck and chest, before he would then allow his body to lean up a little. “Never thought I'd get the best of you so easily Naruto.” He smirked a little more before adding, “I guess your average bakery-waitress is stronger then your every-day thug.”

“That had nothing to do w-with strength.” Naruto growled, leaning up on his elbows as much as he could in the given space. “That was totally unfair, you didn’t specify… And well.” He frowned. “You’d have done just the same!” He gave a glare to the other.

“And I am not a thug, asshole.”

He blinked a few times as he stared at the other for a moment, before he shook his head a little, laying over the other easily. “Mm... well that doesn’t mean anything... I mean, I still won...”

“Win, schmin.” Naruto said hesitantly, glancing up at the other as he tried to ignore the aftertaste of the fruit—just to forget it all together, really. “You cheated!” He protested, brows knitting as he focused a glare upwards. His last stand always was grasping at straws.

“Oh, did I cheat?” He asked, almost too-innocent, before he would sit up again,
resting comfortably on the other. “Would you... want me to do it another way...?”

“Yes you did.” Naruto said defiantly, eyes set on the other’s form before he started to push himself back up to a seating position—pushing back a little in an attempt to put a little distance there. He wasn’t sure what spawned the sudden nervousness, but didn’t wait to find out. “Another way?” His frown sustained the flush on his face, and he just stared at the Uchiha for a moment.

He blinked as he turned the banana in his fingers as he would part his lips, holding it out to the other with a little grin, “Why not have a bit more...” He asked with a little teasing rub of the end of it against the others lips.

Naruto’s mind was long in the gutter, and it had been there way back in the day since well, seventh grade. Perhaps even earlier. Although masked over the years and aided to normality with his obliviousness, it tended to come at the most awkward moments.

Although, perhaps the Uchiha pressing a banana to his lips warranted this… moment of thought. The blond gave him a hard glance before blue irises shifted to look at the banana and he gave it in turn a calculating look. “You’re so eager to stuff that thing in my face.” He quirked a brow, lips locked together although twitching in to a grin.

“So what if I am?” He asked with a devious grin, as he shook his head a little, pulling the banana to his own lips with a teasing look, “Would you rather I ate it?”

Naruto frowned, “I… don’t have a problem with it.”

He tried to ignore the feeling that he had to watch carefully every word he uttered, and that perhaps it was a little unusual for him to be in the other’s room, never mind on his bed…

Yes, this was when Naruto’s ulterior senses kicked in and he gave another drawn out look to the Uchiha as he pushed himself back a slight bit with his palms. “Bastard.”

“Well?” He asked as he tilted his head forward a little, as he would allow his fingers to slide along the others stomach teasingly, before he would then do the same, except the objects happened to be his tongue and the banana.

Naruto wasn’t necessarily in any state of panic, although it could be said he was just a little more perplexed and or flustered than normal—Perhaps kicking himself on the side for opting for the banana when presented a choice. What /was/ he thinking.

“Do… Do you enjoy teasing and toying with people like this?” He asked, albeit slightly shaky.

“Sometimes…” He grinned, just a little more as he leaned in towards the other, nuzzling his cheek slowly before he would then nip his jaw, “But you're special, don’t you think?”

“I… am?” Naruto echoed, eyes unfocused yet still staring at the Uchiha who was at such a close proximity to himself. He felt a little blood rush to his cheeks, and he wondered if this was how it felt to have the tables turned for once when it came to toying with people.

He purred a little as he pressed the food back to the others lips, “Sure you're not hungry?” He asked with a little chuckle as he would then slide his tongue slowly up the fruit with a teasing little noise.

Naruto couldn’t gauge what this was about anymore, and held his breath for a second before sending one final glare to the Uchiha. “You’re one perverse bastard, Sasuke-Chan.” He said with a small grin forming, thought hitting as he brought up a sole hand to clasp over the other’s hand which held the fruit. “I hope you know that.” He said as he tugged the hand appropriately, leveling it to his lips before sending a flicker of a sultry look to the Uchiha.

Oho, if he wanted it, he got it.

He parted his lips slowly, adjusting by tilting his head before taking the fruit in to his mouth and sucking lightly—Low lidded eyes hiding his amusement, a sparkle in cobalt.

He stared for a moment before he just shook his head, ‘tsk’ing at the other male as he mocked a rather cute pout, “I'm just trying to keep you fed, and you mock me in such ways-- how cruel…”

Naruto made a noise in his throat before sinking his teeth in to the fruit to take off a bite, (reluctantly, as it was indeed his surrender,) and chew for a moment with a blond brow hitched high. When he swallowed, the curious look was replaced with a more annoyed one.

“Banana’s are such great nourishment.” He sighed, “So you’ve won. Big deal.”

He looked a little amused, but instead he just coo'ed. “Good boy...” Though it was a bit condescending as he began to stroke over the blonds’ soft hair with a little smirk, “I guess even the foolish ones can be trained...”

Naruto scowled at this immediately, “Trained?” He repeated with venom, eyes catching those of the dark haired boy as he mused pushing back again. “I’m not your pet.” He snarled, feeling very much like so as he tried to muster up a more irritated face.

He chuckled a little as he placed the food aside, fingers scooting along the flesh of the others neck, slowly, “Ahh... fine then, you don’t have to be…” He bit at the others jaw ever so faintly, “I'm sure someone else could fill the role even better…~” He really, really, really had to admit—at least to himself—that he liked teasing the other.

Naruto shifted awkwardly at the cool touch of Sasuke’s fingertips, his chin tilting to the side almost invitingly (or perhaps, in a skirting attempt to avoid it,) and his eyes closed at the nip-like bite. He… couldn’t help what he said, but as he said it he peeked open a sole blue eye in not only deep curiosity but perhaps… a little jealousy. Defensive, he tried not to let it show.

“Like Shikamaru?” He asked in a hollow voice, feeling disgruntled with himself.

He chuckled a little as he would then run his tongue along the others neck, giving a little bite, “Oooh... you think he'd like it?” He tilted his head to the side a little, tongue flicking before pulling back into his mouth. “Mmm... I think he might like it...”

Naruto didn’t have time to wipe away the look on his face, so instead he willed himself to speak. “Whether he would or would not is beyond me, although whether you would or would not /concerns/ me.” He said the final part rather sharply, ignoring the sensual feeling of the other’s tongue—so briefly did it touch his skin—but he was… he felt… Augh.

He allowed his fingers to gently touch against the others bottom lip. “You're no fun...” He allowed his fingers to touch lower before trailing over the others neck, his tongue flicking the flesh slowly. “Well then…” He rolled to the side, laying on his back with a little laugh, “Maybe its not such a good idea... hmm?”

“That’s a matter of opinion.” Naruto said with a smile soon gracing his lips, the opportunity given and his body already moving; The Uchiha on his back timed so right, and soon Naruto had slipped himself atop said Uchiha. “I don’t know what’s running through that pretty little head of yours, but you really ought not to toy with people; lest they toy with you in return.”

He blinked as he looked up over the other, trying to retain that same over confident smirk, “Oh? I'm soooo scared of big-bad Naruto~” He snickered-- even though he was trying not to.

Such a refreshing change, perhaps it was somehow programmed in to the blond that he disliked being cornered or well—forced to do things; he’d much rather be the one playing or toying. He vaguely wondered if that was a good thing, but instead focused on slipping his legs to each side of the other’s and holding himself up with the added support of his hands, placed opposing next to the Uchiha’s shoulders.

“Perhaps you ought to be.”

“Going to pout at me, are you?” He tilted his head to the side as he slowly licked over his lips, toying with the other as he would then grope the others thigh playfully.

Naruto rolled his eyes, attention grabbed by being ‘felt up’ although a placid grin of his own never left his features. “Pout? Why would I go easy on you?” He asked, leaning closer all too familiar to the motion as he pressed his chin close to Sasuke’s neck, (elbows bending to dispel the difference,) as he took in a deep breath. “Still using that vanilla?” He murmured with lingering interest.

He murmured something, not too softly either, “Maybe I am...” He let his eyes flicker over to the other, “Why dont you find out?” He slid his hand down to rest it at the back of the others knees, trying his best not to let the other get the better of him.

“I was just about to suggest that.” Naruto said in a breath, drawing his head back for a second to get a better angle before softly pressing his lips to a part on the Uchiha’s neck—First finding the right spot, in this case the other’s collarbone, (after exposing it by unzipping the other’s sweater a few inches,) and then running his tongue along it with a grace he probably shouldn’t have had. Pausing soon after for a moment, as if considering, he spoke. “Mm, just about.” He murmured in to the skin, tasting again for the hell of it.

He’d name this Momentary Lapse in Judgment #2. No wait. One?

“Nnngh...” He let out a soft little groan, fingers gripping a little tighter on the other as he let out a shuddering breath. “Oooh... you're right... I should be scared~... oh my, I might get cooties~!” He chuckled darkly.

“That’s not a nice way to talk.” Naruto muttered, lips already moving to preferred spots on the Uchiha’s neck to suckle on earnestly before he drew himself back to stare in to the eyes of the other. Jesus, it wasn’t helping any that they were on a bed, now was it.

“You might get me mad.” He said, perhaps a touch too darkly in response.

“Can't you see? I'm shaking…~” He cooed as he rested his head back into the overly soft blankets and sheets, a grin pressing his lips as he lifted a few fingers to gently rest them over his lips, raising his brows to mock a scared look.

“Che.” Naruto shook his head, his heart had already picked up from merely being in such a strange environment—yet his brain shouted orders, whether or not logical, his body fulfilled them. Thus being said, there was probably only one reason as to why he roughly grabbed at the Uchiha’s hips, shifting to put his knees between the other’s legs fluently as he hoisted said hips up—Slender tanned hands holding for a moment before drifting down the other’s thighs, pausing at the knee.

“I swear you’re just like a girl.” He snorted, leaning forward again whilst pulling the other’s thighs up in the motion.

He jolted a little at the movements as he would then shiver just a little flush crossing those pale lips as he shook his head just a little, eyeing the other, “And just what makes me like a girl?”

“The fact I have you like this.” He said with a tentative roll of his fingers on the other’s thigh, pulling slightly as he leaned in to hover over the other’s face; lips grazing lips as he let out a breath of his own. “I will admit you perhaps have a few perks of your own.”

“You like me like this do you?” He asked feigning a shocked look before his eyes rolled over the other, fingers stilling as he looked up at the other almost curiously, “so either I'm a girl, or you're a queer, eh?” He really couldn’t help but egg the other one, regardless of the trouble it might bring.

“Whatever it makes me, it makes you.” Naruto sighed, feeling another bout coming on as he withdrew an inch to give an impertinent glare to the elder boy. “You don’t seem to be protesting, and as it is; you’re feminine enough to near make this heterosexuality.” He grinned impishly before tentatively touching his lips to his counterpart at the moment. Maybe it would shut him up.

He flustered a little, as he looked the other over for a moment, hands sliding up the others back for a moment before he caught himself and dropped his hands again. “A...ah… I never said I wasn’t, did I?” He quirked a playful brow.

“True,” Naruto said, thoughtfully pulling back one more time, “Though I suppose it could have been assumed so all along.” He grinned again, laughing a small bit before adjusting himself and his hold on the Uchiha’s legs. Damn it, this was really… invigorating? Or was that just his horny half. He rolled his eyes at himself, mostly, before returning attentions to the boy beneath him.

“Oh, yes, because I am a pretty little princess... how about I just dress up for you hm?” The sarcastic tone piqued in that phrase as he squirmed a little under the other—unable to help himself—it wasn’t often in recent years he found someone else between his thighs.

“Don’t tempt me.” Naruto said huskily, grinning still as he pressed his lips against those of the Uchiha and occupied himself with satisfying the lingering feeling in his chest as best he could—so sue him, what else was he supposed to do? He slid his fingers along the other’s thigh delicately and in a smooth motion.

He blushed a bit more as he accepted the kiss for a quiet moment before lips parted and he let out a laugh (it’s debatable on if the laugh was mocking or truly humored) as he shook his head, “You wouldn't dare do such a thing Naru-chaan...” He shivered—just a little!—at the fingers moving along his thigh.

Naruto smirked contently, drawing back for a second more to lazily watch the Uchiha through low-lidded eyes. “You make it sound as if you know me. Hell, I could have a crazy fetish. Who knows?” He said this all in jest, ignoring any signs of mention of his happenings towards cross dressing. That was irrelevant right then.

“Is that so..?” He inquired with a little chuckle, head tilting backwards as he seemed to be looking the other, “Ahh... well if anything I'd think you had a fetish for bondage or even S and M, but boys in dresses? I'm surprised~”

Naruto couldn’t help but laugh outwardly at the Uchiha’s words, his shoulders shaking and his face contorting mirthfully until he’d composed himself—Several seconds later. “Oh, you-you’re priceless, Sasuke-Chan.” He shook his head again.

“If anything, that pretty little apron would do just fine.” He said this mockingly, wide smile stuck in place.

Lips twitched—just a little—at the others comment, before he took control of his expression, “Well I will keep this in mind~” for what? Well the other wouldn’t know just yet... “But you haven’t denied it either... makes me wonder about you, Uzumaki...”

“Ah, that’s the way I like it.” He said with a smirk, “When the world is constantly wondering what’s going on in my head—Uzumaki Naruto cannot be defined, nor can his thoughts.” He smiled, although loosened his hold on the other’s legs.

“I could define your thoughts; simple.” He smirked a little as he grabbed the others shirt to tug his face just-that-much-closer. Grinning as he bit the others lower lip, “You, in a sense know what you want, but not how to get it. Not to mention you're about as smooth as asphalt.”

Naruto’s eyes widened briefly, “You’d be surprised—” He started in an attempt to back up why his world was not always simple and black and white, but stopped. He perked a brow again, trying to ignore the starting throb in his lip.

“What, have you been watching me now?” He joked, “Then again, Sasuke, you’d be surprised.”

“Would I really?” He asked as he looked the other over, grinning just a little, “Maybe, maybe...” He flicked a bit of the others hair, playfully almost. “I... guess it’s difficult to read either of us?”

“You could say that.” Naruto said after a moment of thought, “I suppose you could, indeed.” He smiled weakly, moving his arms away from the Uchiha’s thighs to now yet again rest on opposing sides of his upper torso.

“Now are you done pretending to accost me, you brute?” Okay, so he couldn’t help it—which was obvious by the strain around the corners of his lips as he tried, so hard, not to laugh.

“Oh, not yet.” Naruto said with a flick of his eyes, “But I suppose that would have to do, hm?” He pushed himself back in preparation to sit up (amidst the other’s lean legs, but,) with a small grunt. “And accost is such a harsh term.” He said in a sigh, sarcasm thick.

“That’s right… coming from you I suppose I could say, ‘fluff’ eh? Since your about as dangerous as a Kitten…” he chuckled a little as he closed his eyes.

Naruto growled, but did nothing—He straightened himself out, sitting haphazardly whilst stretching his arms overhead. He took cautious note that the Uchiha’s bed looked very… comfortable. Thus, he shifted around to fall in to place next to the Uchiha, staring up at the ceiling. “Tch.”

“Oh, don’t be spoiled... I'm sure you're very... vicious...” With a little chuckle he rolled onto his side, dark eyes looking over the other slowly.

Naruto pursed his lips and cocked his head to look at the brunette. After another moment of silence, he propped himself up on an elbow and surveyed him. He waggled a finger, shaking his head faintly. “You don’t give up, do you.”

“Of course I don’t...” He said with a little chuckle, eyes glittering with amusement before he closed them, “To be honest I kind of like pissing you off...” Ah… ha!

Naruto wasn’t surprised, but shot him a displeased look nonetheless. “Well you do a damn good job of it.” He moaned, mostly for the fun of it as he rolled closer and slung an arm over Sasuke’s side. “Wake me up at noon.” He laughed and promptly closed his eyes. He was slightly saddened he couldn’t watch for responses, but sighed contently. (Added effect.)

He blinked and stared for a long moment before he just sighed a little, drawing close to the other, face nuzzling into the others shoulders as he would willingly just snuggle—for the lack of a manlier way of saying it—up to the others side.

“This is so much more comfortable than a car-seat.” Naruto murmured hazily, shifting to squirm closer to the other body’s heat as several days of less-than-acceptable housing in the backseat had put a strain on his muscles; fatigue overwhelmed him, yes. His last more coherent thought happened to be ‘Does this qualify as sleeping with someone?’ He snickered to himself, nosing tighter to the Uchiha.

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