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Beach Side University
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Beachside University. Think College. Think Town. Think Beach. Add the entire cast of Naruto...and you're probably there.

Simply put, Beachside University is an Alternate Universe Role-Play group, set in the 'real' world and in 'modern' times. What this means to you is up for interpretation. What it means for 1337 ninja powerz is tone it down and put a spin on it. No longer able to have a sword of lightning? Now you can walk around with a Carefully Concealed © cattle prod. Mmm. Smell the cooked flesh already.



We work on the three strike system. Break our rules three times, and we will kick you out. Now onto the specifics:

[You will need four things:]
- Proper grammar and good English knowledge. Please, just..type like an intelligent human. Chat speak and l33t are no-no's.
- A Livejournal.
- An email address.
- An AIM Screen Name.

[You will NOT:]
- Create an LJ for this group until approved by the mods.
- God-mod or Power-play.
- Demand an already taken character.
- Play more than four characters at one time, unless given a mod's permission.

[You will:]
- Be respectful.
- Be mature.
- Not start drama.
- Be active. Post a log, journal entry, or comment at least once a week. Activity will now be checked, and inactives will be warned, then removed.
- Post in bsuni_ooc if you're going to be gone for a while, or taking any form of hiatus from the game.
- Not apply as a 'made-up'. Official Naruto characters only.
- Stay in character.
- Be open minded, whether it's on sexuality, opinion, pairing or interpretation.
- Not force a pairing on someone else's character just because you enjoy the couple. Discuss it with the other player first.
- Have fun!

[How we RP:]
- First person in journals, and third person in logs/on the community, etc.
- Through journal entries. Make your journal after you're approved. Post your own entries, and comment to others!
- Through group community RP posts, such as school events and festivals.
- Through AIM (AOL Instant Messenger).

- The AIM Screen Name you provide for this RP is assumed to be willing and ready for RP whenever logged in.
- Jump RPing is discouraged due to the disorienting nature of the interaction.
- AIM RP can be in whatever format pleases you and the other involved parties. Remember, communication is key! ♥

[When Posting, Please:]
- Label any material over PG-13 and and place it behind a cut. Also, long posts (more than four good sized paragraphs) belong behind cuts as well.
- We follow the Gregorian Calendar. If it is the 9th of August for you, it is the 9th of August for your character.
- Rp logs are always to be posted in third person, past tense in the main community, and hidden behind an LJ-cut.
- If you don't know how to lj-cut, go here and learn.
- Label your community RP posts as follows:

Who: (Characters present and/or those allowed to reply.)
What: (For a log, a brief summary. For a RP, a general idea statement.)
Where: (Location.)
When: (General time of occurrance or beginning.)
Warning(s): (Any applicable warnings on rating of material or similar such things.)

Have a question? Ask!

You can also email the mods any questions or concerns at the gmail listed above and we'll get back to you!


There will be no OC's (Original Characters) in this game as of now. Look at the Wikipedia Character List, if you want. Half of the characters in the Naruto manga are unknown personalities. Invent them for yourself. Who knows what they /really/ are like?

Taken/Pending Character List
Friends Add List
Player Contact List

- Make an introduction in bsuni_ooc after being accepted! Make sure to use your character journal!

- If you are dropping a character, leave a comment here.


OPEN. ♥ I know, shocking. ;D

Go to Applications!


Important Campus Hours:

Library Hours: 7AM - 11PM
- 24 Hour Study room attached

- Del Fuego: Breakfast (7AM - 10:30AM) // Lunch (1PM - 3PM) // Dinner (5PM - 7:30PM)
- Manzanitas: Breakfast (7AM - 10:30AM) // Lunch (Noon - 2:30PM) // Dinner (5PM - 8PM)
- Amarillo: Breakfast (7AM - 10:30AM) // Lunch (1PM - 3PM) // Dinner (5PM - 7:30PM) // Late Night (9PM - 11PM)

University Center: 8AM - Midnight

Important Residence Hall Hours:

Doors lock at 5PM sharp; Keyed entry required.

Bathrooms are cleaned daily during regular business hours.

Rooms are cleaned bi-weekly.

Hall council meetings are the first and third Monday of each month.

Freshmen are required to live in dormitories. Roommates will be randomly assigned. Petitions to change roommates will be reviewed, and approved on a case by case process.

Taken Characters

LJ: sculptor_un
AIM: mad4bananaz
Age: 21
Status: Senior Student and P/T Grocer.

Hoshigake Kisame
LJ: photo_shark
AIM: The Photo Shark
Age: 24
Status: Photographer.

LJ: housei
AIM: Shadhahvar
Age: 23
Status: Editor of the campus Newspaper "The Wave" at Beachside.

Hyuuga Hanabi
LJ: byakuganballet
AIM: byakuganballet
Age: 16
Status: Student of a La Sella Highschool, taking college courses.

Nara Shikamaru
LJ: a_lazy_genius
AIM: pencilsareheavy
Age: 18
Status: Student of Beachside University.

LJ: hebi_no_me
AIM: formosuscasus
Age: 50
Status: Jack of All Trades.

Sabakuno Temari
LJ: sandy_blonde
AIM: PsychoticKuzo
Age: 20
Status: Student in the University and works as a waitress.

LJ: dean_tsunade [NPC]
Age: 53
Status: Dean of Students at Beachside.

Uchiha Itachi
LJ: frenetic_mind
AIM: freneticXmind
Age: 21
Status: Student.

Uchiha Obito
LJ: uchiha_dobe
AIM: uchihadobe
Age: 22
Status: Junior Professor at Beachside University.

Uchiha Sasuke
LJ: slashedhaiate
AIM: HimeSasuke
Age: 17
Status: Student of Beachside University, Part timing at a cafe to get by.

Uchiha Shisui
LJ: fasterthanyou15
AIM: Yukiaki112
Age: 22
Status: Student of Beachside University.

Uzumaki Naruto
LJ: covetous
AIM: schizo foxes
Age: 18
Status: Valiantly struggling student at Beachside University.

Yamanaka Ino
LJ: golden_ikebana
AIM: goldenikebana
Age: 18
Status: Second year Beachside student and part time video store clerk.


Mod: Amie
LJ: pyratesss + golden_ikebana
AIM: IamTatumAlmasy + goldenikebana
Email Address: mireille_bouquetx@hotmail.com

Mod: Meg
LJ: flowed + byakuganballet
AIM: afterimage rose + byakuganballet
Email Address: forever3330@sbcglobal.net



Want to affiliate with us? Email the Mod(s)!


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