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Beach Side University's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Beach Side University

Beachside University
"Putting the BS back in school - right where it belongs."


About Me

Beachside University is located somewhere along the Southern Californian Coastline, next to La Sella, a small coastal college town with a largely transient population and a growing metropolitan atmosphere. Two hours out of Los Angeles, Beachside University is considerably "hot" on the scene of popular culture and relaxed enough to afford time for personal growth and exploration outside of the big city, and yet still close enough to satisfy those wishing to be imersed in big-city culture. Beachside University is a prestigeous research university, with five Nobel-Prize winning Professors on Staff. The University's undergraduate students are offered plenty of opportunity to intern with the Professors and are encourage to help better the community at large. The University's Motto is, "Instilling the Will to Succeed in Students Everywhere." The campus is built on an old Naval base. A small, thriving community of student based housing and stores aimed at the college population in specific is annexed to campus proper, known as "The Island" of Beachside U. Welcome. Enjoy your stay.

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[October 14, 2006 @ 10:55am]

Who: Temari and Shikamaru
What: They meet... again. And talk about physical contact.
Where: Campus corridors.
When: After class.
Warning(s):violence *rolls-eyes* nothing (:

{Rple Play Log} [October 05, 2006 @ 12:56am]

[ mood | creative ]

Who: Uchiha Sasuke (slashedhiate) & Uzumaki Naruto (covetous)
What: (Part One!) Naruto runs in to Sasuke; questions are asked regarding the tattoos, Naruto finds things out, coffee is bought and bananas are force-fed. I kid you not. And uh. Tender making-out-ness?
Where: Parking-lot, cafeteria and dorm-room. In that order.
Warnings: May cause one not to see bananas the same way again—SasuNaruSasu in a way, and uh. Yeah.

BANANA!Collapse )

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[ mood | content ]

There are two words that can strike up a smile, grin or otherwise excited reaction from college students—No, not ‘Spring Break’. For Beach-Side University, those two words happened to be ‘Beach Party’. When placed in conjunction, a field of opportunities arose; the majority and more popular being of the classed ‘Get Smashed, Get Laid’.

Either way, Naruto had contently planned the particular afternoon. Still in place of Shikamaru’s birthday, yes, but as time flew by he decided he might have as well included his own—still forthcoming; like he needed an excuse to start up a party. He’d watched the weather station religiously, actually, to ensure said party would be acceptable.

It was also conveniently upon the day he received his pay that the party was finally scheduled, giving a short explanation as to how he managed to get his hands on a few cases of beer. He had intentions of starting a fire regardless of permits, and had stocked up on dry wood beforehand, leaving a small pile in a cozy spot after scoping out a nice view. If anything, they’d get drunk (they being if anyone aside from himself showed; if not, ‘he’ would be in place of ‘they’ at least,) and perhaps have a small fire. Okay, perhaps that didn’t mix too well but hell… beach parties were boring without some form of a fire.

He huffed, placing his hands on hips after jogging down the chiseled stairs from the small parking lot close to this nook of the beach—He’d gotten a tank-full of gas in Kyuu-Chan, (devouring a large portion of his check. He assumed he’d be broke by the following Monday,) and drover her there after sorting through some of the junk in his back seat to prevent it from looking like he lived in there. Which he did, but that was beside the point.

He clicked his tongue; it wasn’t like anyone was going to look in there anyway.

He rolled his eyes, turning on his heels in the sand before freezing. He stood still for a second before yet again turning to face the small set up (a blanket and a cardboard box, stuffed with minor food items and well, more booze,) before swinging a foot back and then completing a kick—To watch his black sneaker land just beside said box, his left one soon to follow. He smiled at the outcome before he dusted his hands off together and retreated back to his car to follow the previous train of thought.

He pulled the driver-side door open and leaned in haphazardly, feeling around in the bottom of the backseat at an odd angle that made his black shirt ride up—he paid no mind to it, continuing to feel around for that flashlight he could’ve sworn was there. He felt around a little more, startled only for a second by the brush against a blond wig before retracting his hand disdainfully.

Sure, he had a small camper’s light back down on the beach, but he’d have preferred to have another torch of some sort in case. Meh. He gave a last look over the interior of his car before patting the steering wheel lovingly and clambering out. He gave a look up to the skyline as he slammed the door shut, it was slowly becoming night-fall, and the sun hadn’t yet dipped below the horizon but was moving there fast. He mused whether or not he’d be fine in his shirt and jean cut-offs, but made a trip to the trunk to fish out a snug black hoodie just in case. That slung under his arm, he padded his way back to the beach with a gleeful grin.

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[October 05, 2006 @ 3:17am]

Who: Shikamaru and Sasuke
What: Shikamaru returns the sweater... and misunderstandings are cleared up.
Where: Sasuke's room
When: Sometime at night.
Warning(s): Nothing.

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[October 02, 2006 @ 10:43pm]

Who: Sasuke and Temari
What: First meeting between the two.
Where: Bakery Sasuke works in.
When: Monday, Oct. 2, Afternoon
Warning(s): None.

Anyone ever tell you how dead you look?Collapse )

[October 01, 2006 @ 5:04pm]

Who: Shikamaru And Sasuke
What: Sasuke takes an early morning walk, encounters another chilled walker... things get akwardly heavy for a moment.
When: Early, early morning
Where: Walking outside the school

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{ Roleplay Log } [September 26, 2006 @ 11:17pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Who: Uchiha Sasuke (slashedhaiate) & Uzumaki Naruto (covetous)
What: Naruto tracks down the bakery his raven haired 'comrade' works at, demands a muffin and a coffee. When Sasuke endangers said muffin, he finds he needs to get physical to get it back.
Where: Teh' cuteness bakery. xD -calls it that-
When: Some time in this last little while, we need to get active guys!
Warnings: May be coded retarded as I am teh' loser, contains teh' hints of boyluff (Who am I kidding,) and uh. Muffin-tastic.


“…Do not molest my muffin, please and thank you!”Collapse )

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{ RP LOG} [September 24, 2006 @ 3:02am]

[ mood | Heehee. That was fun. ]

Who: Uchiha Sasuke (slashedhaiate) & Uzumaki Naruto (covetous)
What: Naruto runs in to Sasuke whilst heading back from the caf with his mouldy apple in check, things occur, apples are thrown out, people are pinned, gyms get steamy (well, not really,) and dun.. dun.. dun! Sasuke's human?
Where: Corridors, Cafeteria and the Gym~
When: Some time in this last little while, we need to get active guys!
Warnings: MUFFINS WERE EATEN IN THE PRODUCTION OF THIS ROLE PLAY. WELL, DIGITAL ONES. And so sue me if the log is coded weird, it's three am. xD

“Oh, yes, that is my big secret fantasy, you know? The grubby little blond masturbating next to me on the dirty gym floor. You make me so hot.”Collapse )

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[September 23, 2006 @ 11:59am]

Who: Sasuke. (Momentary)Shikamaru. Open.
What: Laundry, thus far.
Where: Campus grounds.
When: Mid-Morning.
Warning(s): None, at the moment.
Why: I was bored out of my mind. We need more going on!

Boxers or Breifs?Collapse )
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Closed. Obito and Housei. [September 06, 2006 @ 1:13pm]

Who: Housei and Obito. Closed.
What: Housei asks about Obito's preferences. Oh, and they get coffee :D
Where: Campus grounds.
When: The morning of the Grey Seal event.
Warning(s): None, I think.

I'm not pretty enough to be mistaken for a girl or anything. Collapse )
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[OOC: First Mod Post~!] [August 24, 2006 @ 3:38am]

[ mood | worried ]

Okay, well..due to some major suckage in the life of our previous great-and-wonderful Tsunade-mun/mod, Meg (Hanabi-mun) and I have offered to take over bsuni and bsuni_ooc for her and Em. e___e Tsunade will now be somewhat of an NPC, only used for accepting and rejecting applications and editting some things, though Rachael will be sticking around as our Housei. :3

Both Meg and I really hope we do a good job, and all of that good stuff, and that everyone here enjoys us as your new mods. =D

We've done a bit of work today, fixed up the user info a bit and some little things like that. First of all, we have updated the friends adding list, and the taken character section, which now has a 'pending' portion as well. If you want us to hold a character, get a hold of us and tell us so, and we will add the character to the pending list for one week. Once the week is up, that character is free game again if the person they were reserved for haven't applied as them or been accepted as them.

We updated and changed around a couple of rules, but nothing major whatsoever. We also added one or two new 'questions' to the character application sheet, but that doesn't really apply to established players. The biggest 'rule change' that we have made is an activity check. We will be making sure players are active, and doing their part, and if they are just..dead and unresponsive, then their character will be put back up for grabs. You can find further details about this issue in bsuni_ooc, where I am going to post about it after I finish up here!

New feature we've added (somewhat new anyway) is a player contact list. You can visit that to find out a little bit more about your fellow players, and see who plays whom.

And I guess that's all for now. Thank you for your attention, and I hope you guys have a great time with Meg and I as your new mods!

We've got some event ideas brewing, trust me. We just have to discuss it further. My Ino muse is thinking she wants to have a film festival, and /that's/ definitely a possibility..


Player Contact [Updated 8/28/06] [July 08, 2006 @ 8:12pm]

Contact information for all players.

Just a click away~Collapse )
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THE RANDOM FESTIVAL, YO. YOU KNOW YOU LOVE IT. [August 19, 2006 @ 8:04pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

It wasn’t the biggest, the most expensive or even the cleanest. But by far it was the most well known seasonal festival around. Founded by a wealthy Japanese man who had retired in the town several years ago, it was decorated annually in the same ways it had during it’s first year; paper lanterns strung on wires and strings that went from light-post to light-post and any available hook along the boardwalk to promise good views of the firecrackers that would be set off from the smaller islands just off the coast.

Detours were set up in early preparation for sunset—when the festivities would begin. Although car travel in the beach areas wasn’t as common as the more popular areas of the town, for this day and this event all vehicles were directing around for the sake of the festival.

Despite the rain that had plagued the set-up crews for a few hours during the early morning, the workers continued to set up with high-hopes and wishes towards the skies that the rain would lessen over time, and after a doubtful three hours the skies cleared and their prayers were answered and smiles greeted the sun as it ducked out from the grey clouds that had masked it. Oh, and how it greeted them back.

Any worries that soggy grasses and dirt would ruin the fun were easily dismissed at the peak of noon when the temperature was pleasantly warm with a few exceptions through-out the day when it rose. While finishing up their preparations there were those who continued to take peeks up to the sky in fear of another explosion of rain (but were relieved to see no looming storm clouds,) and wish for the sun to start cooling off because they were sweating like mad (and pause soon afterward to ponder of the irony of their wishes,) All in all, it was the perfect day.

As soon as the sun began to dip low and the stars began to twinkle to their reflections in the calm and tame waters, with a distinct snap the switches were thrown in unison and the long boardwalk was alight with strings and webs of lanterns. Awnings were drawn, some were cranked out and grills began to sizzle in expectation of the constant crowds, each year bringing with it more and more people.

And they came. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters alike began to appear from parked cars to walk the planks and breathe in the smell of the sea (and every friable dish and delicacy one could imagine) Children began to run around while stifling giggles as they went from stall to stall in search of their favorite games and the ‘good’ prizes in their eyes. Couples walking arm in arm and hand in hand smiled to themselves, and the town was alive and together again.

Smiling, Naruto didn’t quite feel like a true part of the bustling crowd. Alone and not dressed like the more traditional (which he noticed every time he passed a housewife in her kimono, and continuously grew more and more self conscious of his dark jeans, t-shirt and wrinkled dress shirt.) Sure he never missed a chance to come here in the years past, and had been lucky to get the day off (Maxine had called him a ‘cutie’ and declared he take the day off to have some fun for himself, and he was thinking Maxine’s idea of fun differed greatly from his…)

Nevertheless, there he was, walking along with a grin to anyone who’d return it and the occasional mouthful of dango or sweets, depending on the stall he passed. Sure, he was there with a strict budget… but it was a special event! He’d eat nothing but ramen for months and live in his car for the rest of his life if he needed to. He could forget his worries for a moment and just walk along in the crowds and get lost in the moment, for he’d have plenty of time to think about it later on. Regret too, perhaps.

Ooc: Just thought we needed something to get us going again, so here we are! Feel free to pretend to have known ahead of time and or do anything you wish. xD; Just have fun! And let’s get this party started again!

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OOC: [August 18, 2006 @ 11:56am]

[ mood | tired, resigned, stupid ]

Alright, life continues to hit me with the ugly stick (more than phenotypically) and because of that, I am letting all of you down, which is something I dearly, dearly hate doing (and I won't bore you with details of why) and that is entirely my fault.

In which case the easiest wording is that I have been lax and irresponsible, to the point where I wish to see if anyone else would like to step up and take control of the community who isn't as prone to forgetting the internet when life comes kicking in doors.

Rifles are being handed out at the doors - shooting is to be kept in comments, please. ♥

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Mod-ish Post [July 29, 2006 @ 3:46pm]

[ mood | calm ]


There is a school event that's starting monday. Hurray plot!

Poster/InfoCollapse )

Sorry for the short notice. Kisame waited till the last minute to hang up posters. u.u

Any questions, feel free to ask them here. :D

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I am.. an Uchiha... [July 22, 2006 @ 4:29pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Obito has finally found out where he belongs. And if he was related to Uchiha Sasuke or not. Apparently, he is...

Who: Obito and Itachi.
What: Roleplay on AIM.
Where: Itachi's dojo.
When: Around Midday.
Warning(s): None.

Obito's first meeting with Uchiha ItachiCollapse )


'GREY SEAL' <3 [July 22, 2006 @ 12:05am]

[ mood | amused ]

Who: Naru(ko), Housei and Obito.
What: Roleplay, thread for the above.
Where: The Grey Seal, downtown's most famous gay bar. :D -chokes-
When: Night-time-ish?
Warning(s): Probably swearing on Naruto's part, boys and men in drag as well as any jokes or lewd comments that might rise from the meeting.

Ah, what a .. memorable first day at work.Collapse )

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Character Applications [July 07, 2006 @ 12:56pm]

To apply, fill out the following form in a comment and make the subject of your comment into the name of the character you are applying for.

The ApplicationCollapse )
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FAQ [July 08, 2006 @ 3:17am]

For every question, there is an answer. To find yours, ask here.
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Friends Add/Remove List [Updated 8/28/2006] [July 08, 2006 @ 1:08am]

Follow these simple steps.

1:: Go to the Admin Console.

2:: Copy the list that follows into the provided box.

3:: Press "execute".

4:: Check back here every so often.

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