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Uchiha Obito

Closed. Obito and Housei.

Who: Housei and Obito. Closed.
What: Housei asks about Obito's preferences. Oh, and they get coffee :D
Where: Campus grounds.
When: The morning of the Grey Seal event.
Warning(s): None, I think.

Housei frowned, absently chewing on the top of his pen. It was a horrible habit he'd never been able to lose (even after attempted shock therapy by his Grandmother). Still, he wasn't sure what the hell had gone wrong in this week's processing. Or maybe he did. The machines were known to be deadly old and hesitant to cooperate. Still, as the young editor read through the articles of his young journalists, red blossoming on each piece, he was pleased enough with the world. Sensationalism was still news, wasn't it? The bench he sat on outside the main tower housing the campus paper didn't bother to agree.

Obito yawned. This was ridiculous. It was early morning, early morning as in early for everyone else, and for him it was considered bat-shit early. Why was he even up at this time? Oh yeah. Something about the professor asking him to help with the lessons. Why'd he even bother?

He passed by the campus, feet dragging and with the air of someone zombified person yet to have his morning coffee. So he didn't notice Housei sitting on the bench there.

Housei wouldn't have noticed him if he hadn't looked up at that moment to relieve himself of the headache being caused by the evil also know as Typo. He recognized the other man, and having bothered to look at a graduate student listing, now knew his name. Placing his papers in his briefcase, Housei fell in step beside Obito before long. "Hello, Mister Uchiha - I believe that we have started out on the wrong foot. My name is Bond - Housei Bond." He smiled and extended a hand, just as the player extends a horrific joke.

Obito started at the sudden voice next to him. He needed his coffee soon. If he was normal, he'd probably be very wary of him. But since it was so early in the morning, all he could manage was a "Hn. Yeah, nice to meet your sir. And I';m Uchiha Obito, as you know -yawn- already." And he shook the other man's hand tiredly. "Do you know where the have the coffee?"

"There's a nice coffee shop in the University Center," Housei offered, directing them toward it. "Decent pricing, excellent roasts." Housei was a confirmed tea-drinker, but he'd dated the manager of the coffee shop as an Undergraduate. She had been a coffee nut. Or bean... He supposed.

"Thank you soo much. I normally wouldn't be up this f- err, this early, but I have a meeting with a professor." He covered his yawn. "I still have no idea how to navigate this place yet. And not to mention that I can't function properly without my morning coffee. Do you mind if you take me there?"

Housei checked his watch. Eh, he'd have time. "By all means, it would be my pleasure. This way, please-" he said, moving off a different path that led to the hulking University Center. It housed the largest grouping of food-centers on campus, along with the bookstore and, occasionally, Santa Claus (but only in winter). "What drew you to Beachside?" he asked, not at all in idle conversation.

Falling in step with the old man, he mused upon the question presented to him, then rubbed the back of his head. "Ehh, it was because I was looking for a job that I would like. And It's a practice to know what to expect in the future... I guess. Anyways, it's something like that." He cocked his head to the side. "Why do you ask?" Surely he wouldn't go and post what he just said in some newspaper...right?

"Curiosity, my friends - it's what drives me to my trade." That and a keen eye for content. Still, Housei didn't feel like he needed to go there, specifically. He pulled one of the doors open, gesturing Obito to move in before him. Strange moment of altruistic effort... Or was it? "Many people end up here on campus, from all walks of life."

"Ah, is that it?" Obito murmured, content with the answer given to him. "I guess it just makes people naturally curious about other people that way then." He entered the shop eagerly, almost tasting the hot coffee slide down his throat...making him alert to the world again. "You know, you're pretty nice when you're not trying to find info for that newspaper you're working at."

"Why thank you, Uchiha." Yeah right. This one was probably favor hunting. Well enough. This could work bother ways, given time. He smiled. "I believe she can help you now." The open register stood there, tantalizing.

"Ah, thanks." He nodded to Housei and rushed to the register. "One Mocha coffee please!" He waited a few minutes, got his coffee, and ambled back over to where he had left the other man. After a couple seconds of blowing on the coffee to cool it down, he sipped it tentatively. "Ahhh~ Coffee~" A look of pure bliss was etched on his face.

Housei wondered at this near-fetish love of a beverage. Not that his own for, say, Red Bull was any less ... exciting. "Indeed... What do you make of the student body, Uchiha?"

Obito noticed the odd look he was getting, and feeling more alive now, just decided to ignore it. "The student body? Ehh, most of the guys are nice and polite, but then again, most people are when you first meet them." He shrugged helplessly.

"What are your thoughts on our burgeoning population of gays males and females?' Housei sounded genuinely curious. "What would you do if a man hit on you, or you hit on a lesbian?"

Obito frowned as he considered the question, automatically taking sips of this coffee. "Hmm, I guess don't really have an opinion on the subject itself, but if a guy hit on me...? I'd probably end up telling the guy that I'm a straight man, so leave me alone and no, please don't imagine me undressed... something like that. And I wouldn't know what to do if I accidentally hit on a lesbian." He answered thoughtfully.

"I don't why a gay guy would hit on me anyways. I'm not pretty enough to be mistaken for a girl or anything."

"You assume all gay men only hit on effeminate men?" Housei's eyebrow rose. "Ahh." Large mental note. "What is your take on the current state of affairs in pre-marital sexuality in our undergraduates and like age groups across the country? I am a man of the news, you must understand - I am always most curious."

Obito made a face at the question. "Hey hey, it's early in the morning. If you want to know something, ask simply. I feel like I'm being interrogated, ya know." Geez, were all reporters like this? Wanting to know everything even in their private life?

"So, how about that sex?" Housei could do simple - it just didn't sound as good. "You diggin' it?" Of course, that meant he lapsed into dialect. Or slang. Whichever worked best.

Obito stared. And nearly dropped his cup of coffee. And flushed heavily at the sudden question. "Hell no. I'm not that perverted. Like any other guy, I think about it once in awhile, but I don't 'dig it'!" His voice nearly came out in squeaks. -Oh gosh, do people have no shame?-

Housei made a mental note of this as well. "Not that perverted? So, you consider young men and women engaging in mutually agreed upon sexual intercourse as... perverted?" His tone was light and curious, not damning in the least.

If possible, Obito's face flushed even more. "No! Not that!" flailing with his free arm, he tried to make make his point. "Just casually talking about s- sex like that is perverted! If it's mutually agreed upon, then it's none of my business!" Oh GOD. He was gonna die here from embarrassment.

"You," Housei announced, "Would make a horrible poet." It tied in, at least to Housei. In fact, it tied in splendidly to him. "Are you a virgin, then, Uchiha? A rarity in this day and age..."

If possible, he would have dug a burrow and just hide from this embarrassment. "Shut up." He muttered darkly. "J-Just shut up and let me die in peace."

Housei made a sound of understanding. "Tsk, tsk, so flustered, however are you going to handle the perverted brats you'll have to teach? Ahh, but this is not my duty to worry - it is all yours." He smiled.

Obito's eyebrow twitched. Having finished his coffee, he tossed the cup at the nearest trashcan. "At least when they talk, they hint at what they're planning to say to you. You, on the other hand, just suddenly pop that question at me in the middle of my morning coffee. You're lucky I didn't spit it all over you in my surprise." he growled darkly, attempting to cover his blush.

Housei raised an eyebrow, but laughed in a self-effacing manner. "Mou, mou, my apologies! Sometimes this Housei forgets how brash the things he says are." He half bowed, more a Japanese custom than an American one. Hinted of a degree of civility in his background.

"Right..." But the blush was so slow in wearing off right now. He returned the bow automatically. "What do you think about everything anyways?"

"Good for gays, I'd be flattered, sex happens, and I report it all." Housei shrugged. Not so hard for him to say.

You'd report the sex you'd do?"Obito questioned dryly. And then rethought his previous opinion of the man. "You have absolutely no shame, Bond-san." Nope, didn't change at all. -He didn't even hesitate when I asked!-

Housei arched a brow. "Report the sex I'd partake in? Don't be ridiculous!" Unless it was profitable, and the sex advice columnist was out for the week. "I merely report the facts on the occurrence, Uchiha. Ahh, see what the caffeine does to you?"

"I'm just quoting you. You said 'Good for gays, I'd be flattered, sex happens, and I report it all.' It has nothing to do with caffeine sir...Sorry for assuming." He huffed, a little upset his point was taken down.

Housei looked unbothered. Better yet, he had shifting ideas in his mind now. "Apology accepted," he said flippantly.

Obito sighed at Housei's apparent unaffectedness. "Can anything upset you? At all?" Oooh, a donut shop... And he was conveniently hungry....

"Well Bond-san, nice to meet you, and I have to go eat breakfast." Obito eyed the nearest donut shop. "Cya!"

"Pleasant seeing you and all, Uchiha - I've to go. Paper, and all - not enough time, whatnot." He smiled thinly.

"Yeah, some other time I guess." Obito smiled, waved... then walked away.
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"You," Housei announced, "Would make a horrible poet." It tied in, at least to Housei. In fact, it tied in splendidly to him. "Are you a virgin, then, Uchiha? A rarity in this day and age..."

If possible, he would have dug a burrow and just hide from this embarrassment. "Shut up." He muttered darkly. "J-Just shut up and let me die in peace."

HE IS A VIRGIN. Has to be. Has to. Well if he is he wouldn't be alone LOLOLO XD -is struck/shot-.