slashedhaiate (slashedhaiate) wrote in bsuni,

Who: Shikamaru And Sasuke
What: Sasuke takes an early morning walk, encounters another chilled walker... things get akwardly heavy for a moment.
When: Early, early morning
Where: Walking outside the school

That slow mist rolled from his lips in the cool morning air. Hands stuffed in his pockets as he was basically submurdged in the large white sweater with the too-big neck.

Blue jeans trailing down his legs and crumpling right over his black boots, the stitching on these large--like his other pants-- however it was a brilliant white. One shoe was untied-- but he wqas too cold to take his hands out of his pockets to lean down and untie it-- so it was just going to be left to drag along the ground.

Since the sky was slowly being filled with light, the sunrise always a thing of wonder, his glasses were rested upon his nose rather cutely, black frames glinting with the occasional ray of sun he encountered as he walked along the path. " Nngh..." Afterall, he'd not have worn them if he expected to see another person...

"Argggh," Shikamaru groaned as he stretched his hands over his head. His entire back was aching, and it longed to be once more between the blankets and mattress. It was very unlike him to be up this early in the morning, and even if he woke up, he wouldn't normally be out walking. Unfortunately, duty called and he had something to do.

He shivered in his random, crumpled T-shirt and bermudas he'd picked up from the floor this morning. He was too groggy to remember to grab a jacket along and had just slipped into a pair of sandals. He rubbed his hands irritably in a futile attempt to warm them, frowning at everyone who eyed his hair in disapproval. So what, he forgot to tie it as well. Big deal.

At least the clouds are an interesting shade of orange, he mused as he looked at the horizon beyond. Shifting his gaze back to the path ahead of him, he thought he saw someone familiar with pokey black hair from behind.

"...Sasuke, is that you?!" Shikamaru called out, wondering why the hell he would choose to be strolling - so it seemed - rather than sleeping, like normal people.

Dark iris lifted from the path before him as he would give the other an look over. Eyebrows lowering a little as he tried to figure who it was calling his name before he noted it with a soft grunt, " Yes, it is..."

With that said he slowed to a stop, wondering what it is the other had to say-- if anything. Arms shifting a little as selft hand withdrew from one pocket--instantly chilled-- reaching over and grasping the right shoulder of his oversized sweater and tug the neck back up and cover his shoulder again.

Shikamaru jogged closer. "Glasses? I never knew you wore glasses."

-so, even the pretty boy wears glasses outdoors.

He eyed Sasuke's jumper enviously. He needed some form of warmth, badly.

He looked momentarily flustered as he reached up grabbing at his glasses, but then decided to just leave them on-- it was harder to see in the dim light, and it wasnt like he could play jedi and make the other forget.

" You look cold..." Smirk.

"Shut up, 4-eyed freak." Shikamaru growled in return. Damn, I need that sweater.

"I won't tell anyone about those glasses if you loan me your sweater for a while. How 'bout that?" Come on, come on....

Sasuke growled a little himself, " You know extortion is illegal.." With that said glasses were removed-- so they didnt get knocked off-- and hands went down to his stomach tugging that sweater of with a shuddering sigh.

Hands moved to hold it out, a scowl on his lips as he released a slow misty breath. His own body left in a thin white dress shirt-- which was soon tugged tigher around him.

Shikamaru's eyes widened at Sasuke's very obvious public display of --- body, and no doubt, he was a guy. Stretching his hand out eagerly, he pulled the sweater over himself. It was even bigger for him than it was for Sasuke, but it was slightly fluffy and already had heat from Sasuke trapped in it, such that it was deliciously warm and Shikamaru had never felt better.

"Mm, thanks. This feels good." He grinned broadly at Sasuke.

" Don't forget I can still hurt you.." HE effeminate male muttered as he wrapped his arms around himself to keep warm, eyes narrowed in the dim light as he drew his legs in, the posture doing nothing for the angry-male attitude he wanted... but he couldnt help it. It was fucking cold outside and the Uchiha was not one to control his own body tempature well...

"You call me a girl, but look at your hair.." Snort. With that said he began to rub up and down his arms slowly, trying to keep that thin form warm.

"My hair?" Shikamaru chortled. Sasuke was desperately trying to keep his hands warm... the wrong way. Obviously, if he were to rub his arms faster, more friction would be produced and he would be warmer, but there was no need to tell him that...for now.

"My hair...," the warm one continued," is long because I am comfortable with my own masculinity that I don't have to keep it short to prove that I'm a guy. And you can't hurt me~,"Shikamaru taunted, "you're too cold for that right now."

" Maybe not now, but I do know where you sleep.." He retorted with a glare, fingers trembling for a moment before he raised them back to his mouth, blowing on them a few times before he went to rubbing his hands against himself again, shaking his head a little. Who knew it could be so cold out here in the mornings-- of course he'd been just fine till the other took his warmth away...

"And I keep it short because its easier that way.." and he did not look like a girl! Okay, so maybe he did; but not likely he'd ever admitit.

"Then why does the hair stick up automatically?" Shikamaru asked matter-of-factly, without a note of mockery, as he was beginning to feel slightly sorry for Sasuke, who was back to huffing and puffing at his own hands, so he added, "I'll give you back the sweater in a while more. Anyway, why do you know where I sleep?"

Shikamaru frowned and narrowed his eyes at Sasuke, who was now rubbing away. It seemed as though he had a routine, first rubbing, then blowing, then back to rubbing.

The black haired male growled just a little as he held himself closer, squirming just a bit as he stared at the other, " I know where you sleep because you stay in the dorms, and so I could easily find you.."

Shikamaru felt his insides drop; pretty boy was being weird. He eyed Sasuke, and stammering a little, asked, "and w-why would you want to find me?"

" Because you blackmailed me for my sweater, and I just might feel the need to get revenge.." He smirked a little as he held his arms tighter about himself. " Afterall you're not to hard to find...~"

Shikamaru hastily shifted his eyes away from the sight of Sasuke hugging himself.

"What kind of revenge are you talking about? And before today, you wouldn't have needed to know where I sleep." Damn, he thought to himself, I don't even know where he sleeps!

A smirk flickered across his face; but as soon as it was there, it was gone. " Ooh.. I dont know what I'd do to you.. but I do know.. I know just about where most people stay, I do alot of walking in the morning afterall.." And that was the only answer he was going to give-- he really wasnt sure he knew where the other stayed, but he knew he could find out.

Shikamaru frowned. He really didn't like the way pretty-boy had said "Ooh". Wait a minute, did he just say --

"You mean you walk around in the morning, depriving yourself of sleep, just to find out where people stay?" The long-haired one wondered if pretty-boy was a stalker.

" No.." He snorted softly, " I just walk, I cant help what I observe, but when I cant sleep I like to walk, and sometimes its too cold"-- or too dark for him to see--" outside."

That didn't make sense. "How do you tell who sleeps where from the outside?"

" Are you dead silent when you sleep?" He asked as he rolled his eyes, " Besides that, not everyones asleep when I walk, and not to mention I dont just walk at night."

"...right." Was he silent when he slept? Shikamaru himself didn't even know the answer to that, and the thought of some other guy having an inkling as to that made him shift uncomfortably.

Better return this sweater, he thought, arms reaching up to pull it off his head. If the material was skin-tight, his shirt would have clinged onto it, but this wasn't the case. He handed the sweater over to Sasuke, adding, "Your secret's safe with me, I guess."

" It isnt a secret, and I'm not snooping around.." He huffed as he eagerly pulled the sweater on, giving a hard shiver at the sudden warmth. " Nngh..." He groaned as he held himself tighter, hands running over his arms and stomach for a moment to soak in the warmth before he just held himself again.

Shikamaru shuddered at the cold, and at the way Sasuke had groaned. Irritating. It was his turn to bear with the chilly weather. He plunged his hands deep into his pockets. The heat from the sweater lingered on his skin, but it was disappearing quick.

"Well then, if it wasn't a secret, why'd you bother lending me the sweater then?" Guh, was it just him or did the temperature drop even more?

" Jsut shut up.." He hissed as he fiddled with his glasses in his pockets, not wanting to think of the harassment hed incur-- especially form the muffin theif-- about wearing glasses.

" You had the sweater, so why I dont want anyone to know is none of your business..!"

"...ok, ok. Please don't start crying in angst." sniggered Shikamaru.

His toes were bound - what the hell was he thinking, sandals?! - to drop off at this rate.

" Tch." He grunted in responce as he looked the other over for a moment before smirking, " what the hell did you want to begin with?" Brows quirked upwards a little before lowering again and dulling his expression.

Shikamaru pondered for a moment in silence. Yeah, good question, what did he want?

"Well...," he said slowly, finally, "I guess I just saw someone familiar and had nothing better to do but call out to him? And then I realised you had a sweater, so all the better."

" So, you noticed I had a sweater and saw the intention to blackmail me and came over? Real honorable.." He huffed a little, and on anyone else the sxpression might have been a pout-- but he prefured to call it a scowl!

"...well, I was cold!" Shikamaru retorted indignantly. "People do things out of desperation sometimes. I may not be honourable, but at least I have the brains... are you wangsting again?"

" Wangsting?" He cocked a brow at the word before snorting a little shaking his head a little, " If you want my sweater that badly, I'll give it back to you." He paused before adding deviously, " If you beg for it."

What?? Shikamaru turned to him, face contorted in disgust. "Beg? To you, O-Pretty-Boy? No way," he snorted, abruptly turning away from Sasuke, nose higher than it had ever been.

"I'm warm enough now - not true, but whatever - thankyouverymuch and yes, wangsting. Pouter."

What had that guy been thinking? Beg? Not in a million years, especially to Sasuke. Of all people!

" Thats too bad.." He said as he let out a delighted-- and very perposeful-- moan, mocking enjoyment of the warmth that came from it. " It's nice and toasty in here, but I suppose that the cold doesnt bother someone as oh-so-manly as you..~" Snicker.

Shikamaru's hands clenched the insides of his pocket, trying to stop himself from shivering in the cold... - and at that moan. It didn't work. Ugh.

"...y-yeah, it d-doesn't bother m-me at all! Unlike y-you!" Shikamaru flushed a little as he heard himself stammer. He couldn't help it; his teeth were chattering. Damnit.

He smirked a little as he stepped up behind the other, pale digits first touching down at the others sides, before slowly creeping forward to interface at the others stomach adn tug him backwards into the warmth. Lips parting to let out a soft sigh before they rested near the others ear, " You.. sure about that?"

Shivering uncontrollably, the cold one melted and relaxed into Sasuke's warmth. "...I don't know abo-" wait, WHAT?!

The next moment, his eyes widened and he panicked, body tensed upright. What the hell just happened? Why was Sasuke holding him? WERE THOSE HIS LIPS ON HIS EAR?

Face burning hot, he stammered, "W-what the f-fuck are you doing?"

" Was just curious..." HE murmured with a little chuckle, fingertips slowly working up and down over the others teeshirt and stomach, grinning a little more.

" Something wrong Shikamaru~?" He practically cooed.

Yes, something was very wrong, no doubt about that, Shikamaru thought to himself, mind racing. He opened his mouth to reply, worked his shoulders up to push Sasuke back, but there was something about the way his fingers were literally dancing across his belly that even though his mind told his body, - push pretty-boy away! - damn, he just couldn't do it.

Once again he melted back into Sasuke's embrace, relishing in the warmth, finally stuttering with the mouth which was left hanging open, "You're making me shiver even more."

WHAT the fuck did he just say? SHIT. He'd meant to say that nothing was wrong. He flushed red hot, the embarrassment spreading fire from head to toe. Stupid stupid stupid....

" I always thought there was something unusual about you.." He chuckled as he let those hand splay across his stomach, head leaning in as his face nuzzled the other so faintly it'd almost be as if he just brushed his lips to the others jawline. " but if you're shivering that badly maybe you should just do as I say, hmm?"

Okay, so perhaps the other idiot had been right and Sasuke was a tease, but he couldnt help it really-- it was way too amusing sometimes..

Oh damnit, what kind of fucking awkward and troublesome situation had he gotten himself into this time? Ok, he had to resist. Resist! Mm, pretty-boy's face smells good. No! RESI-...hands.feel.good. That finger, what did it just do--- oh my gosh SHIT. RESIST HIM DAMNIT.

"...n-no," He shuddered uncontrollably. "o-ok, m-maybe."


" You know you can do it.." He encouraged, one hand slowly inching up the others chest as he ran his finger along the others jawline teasingly as his face leaned in close for another one of those barely-there nuzzles.

Hell no. "Yeah, I could."

Shikamaru gave up on himself. He didn't even flinch at saying the wrong thing this time. His mouth had already disconnected from his brain; it was doing whatever it wanted.

He closed his eyes. Sasuke smelt really good and his face was his own.

" Then why dont you?" He questioned as the hand that wasnt teasing the others jaw slid lower and isntread played across his hip-bones and then dipping under the shirt trailed across the flesh exposed right at the top of his pants.

Ohhh dear god. Shikamaru felt his lower-half tremble. He couldn't take it anymore.

"S-shut up."

He turned around abruptly, knocking off the skilful hand in the process, but melting his cold, half-blue lips onto Sasuke's, hungry for the warmth.

Needless to say-- dispite all his teasing-- he was caught very off-guard by this kiss. frozen for a moment as eyes went a little wide, hands having been knocked away seemed to be frozen in place... what.. WHAT had just happened?

Shikamaru didn't care that they were standing on a path, outdoors, where people could see them. All he knew was that now he was in control, and he was warm. His lips still there, eyes closed, his hands went round Sasuke and brought him closer to himself. Mm, he's warm. Sasuke felt so good, so warm...

Head tilted backwards a little as he was pulled closer to the other, fingally his brain kicked back in and his hands left that frozen position. Bangs swaying as he squirmed just a little against the other-- this had not been his intention.

As soon as Shikamaru felt Sasuke resist, he let go and opened his eyes. Wait, what? The warmth left his body as quickly as it'd entered.

He stared for a moment, his own face an irrisitable shade of red as he wrapped his arms around himself. Lips parted but all that came out was a short breath-- he really.. had no idea what to say.

Shikamaru felt his head begin to ache. What had he been thinking? But it was all that bastard's fault, wasn't it? For leading him on like this? He was cold, he was oh-so-very cold... damnit. He flushed and glanced away nervously from Sasuke who was still staring at him, who was even redder than he was.

"I.." He paused, he really didnt know what to say, so instead he stripped off the sweater, shoved it hard at the other--letting go weither the other took it or not-- and turned quickly heading back for the campus.

His head began to throb wildly as his fingers closed around the lump of material. What was he to do now? He'd never kissed a boy before, let alone a pretty one at that.

Should I... run after him and apologise?

Once he had put some distance between them, hand sgrasped at his flushed face as he cursed softly, " What the hell was i thinking..?" he winced a little... he'd wanted to tease the other a little and make him uncomfortable, he'd not really expected him to...respond...!

Shikamaru looked up from the white lump to Sasuke's back, which was quickly getting out of sight.

"Shit," he muttered. He knew he shouldn't have done that. Not now, not ever. It wasn't as if he was particularly attracted to the prettiness. It wasn't as if he'd woke up so early this morning just to kiss a boy! It wasn't as if he really liked Sasuke. All he wanted was the tempting warmth. He'd just succumbed to temptaion, what was wrong with that? Then why did he feel like the world was spinning?

He grunted a little as he gripped at his hair, shaking his head as he leaned against one of the buildings. He didnt know what the hell he was going to do. Cheeks flared but he just drew in his lower lip and huffed, he'd managed to kiss more boys in his lifetime then women.. well.. he really hadnt kissed any women, had he? He frowned at himself as he huffed a bit. He;d said he wouldnt do things like this.. at al.. and yet here he was..

He looked uncertainly at the sweater; now that he finally had it, he didn't know what the hell he should do with it.

Arrrgh damnit, he'd might as well put it on. The weather wasn't any better, and now the cold was biting him painfully, constantly reminding him of what he'd just done, no matter how hard he was illogically trying to wish nothing like this ever happened.

He headed back to campus in another direction, deciding that he wouldn't be able to stomach another meeting with Sasuke, at least, not today. He'll just have to find pretty-boy tomorrow, return him the sweater and make things clear, that everything that had happened was just because Shikamaru was driven nuts by the cold. Nothing like this would ever happen again, he swore silently.

He frowned as he slipped inside and out of view when he heard footsteps headed towards the school grabbing his head; he knew he'd pushed it just a little too far.. not to mention what would-- wait, why the hell did he care what the idiot would think? This was his own business. Fist met wall in frustration before he sulked deeper into the school.
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