Sabakuno Temari (sandy_blonde) wrote in bsuni,
Sabakuno Temari

Who: Sasuke and Temari
What: First meeting between the two.
Where: Bakery Sasuke works in.
When: Monday, Oct. 2, Afternoon
Warning(s): None.

Dark eyes scanned over the tables for a moment, the day had been slow-- not that he minded, it gave him time to think and avoid the weird types that liked to come in and bother him.
Fingers skimmed along his scalp as he brushed his hair back, those dark hairs shimmering and slightly ruffled before they flopped back into place. He leaned against patron side of the counter watching the door, waiting to see if anyone would come in this day. He'd encountered fewer students then he'd expected-- at least few that the Uchiha knew...

Tongue traced chapped lips for a moment as he lifted a cup from the counter, taking a drink from the half-empty/full tea-cup. Brushing his hand over the front of that coral-pink apron, lower body adorning an oversized set of pants that rumpled over his shoes, and his upper half adorned a sleeveless white turtleneck-- however his lower arms were covered with white fabric arm-warmers.

So what, he looked funny, but at least he was comfortable.

Adorned with a simple outfit of a loose black tanktop with long navy jeans, Temari made her way down the street, her eyes scanning the different shops along side of her. She was new to this place, and she hadn't had much time to familiarize her surroundings yet. Thankfully, today was her off-day and her work load at the school was kept down at the minimum, thanks to the sickness of her professor. Of course, such a misfortune had nothing to with herself.

Teal eyes caught a bakery sign, inside occupied by a lone person at the counter. Temari frowned a little, peering through the glass at the display outside. Well, the food at the display looked good...deciding upon it, she pushed open the glassdoor and walked inside.

Head tilted backwards as he looked to the blond female that entered, for a moment he looked her over befor ehe pushed forward, footsteps near silent on the floor with his approach. " Can I help you?" He asked as the little chime from the bells near the top of the door settled. " Table for one?" Hands slid up form his pockets as he placed his bodyweight on one leg.

"Yeah, one, please." Temari's lips spreaded into a thin smile after she spoke, finding the other having an intriguing outfit. But she said nothing of it, just smiling politely, her head cocked to one side as she observed the place.

He nodded as he strolled over towards one of the many booths, setting down one of those ribbon and heart-decorated menu. He nodded to her as he sighed a little, " I'm Sasuke, I'll be youjr waiter, just call me over when you're ready..."

It was like looking at a mirror-image of herself working in the restaurant. That same tired bored look with the tiny sigh given once in a while. Temari couldn't help but laugh softly to herself as she sat down at the booth. "Thanks." Instantly, she felt bad for the guy serving her as she opened the menu.

He nodded his head as he went back over to the counter, lifting the cup and taking a slow drink from it as he closed his eyes, thinking over what they had and needed if she decided to order the special or what else. Not too worried about a pastry shortage.

Scanning the contents of the menu, Temari decided to choose the slice of cheesecake, with a beverage of black coffee. She closed the menu, putting it down on the table and let her eyes wonder a bit at the other contents on the back of the menu. Satisfied with her choices, Temari looked up to the counter where the man was situated, making eye contact.

He nodded, and finally set his cup down-- it was just about empty now anyway, making a slow approach to the blond female. Head tilted backwards as he folded his arms before him, " Ah, What is it you would like?" He asked as he chewed on his lower lip-- a bad habit.

She opened the menu again, her finger pointing at the cheesecake selection. "One of this and a cup of black coffee."

"Alright, five minutes give or take a few." He lifted the menue, politely bowed his head to her before he would turn around and head back behind the counter. Coffee pot lifted and said item poured, cheesecake retreived from the back--cut fresh from one of the cake/pies.

Other things grabbed as he headed over to the table, setting down the cup, cake, the rock-candy stirrer, and a few other condements. " Anything else?"

Bringing her attention back to the man, Temari shook her head. "That's all, thanks. Anyone ever tell you how dead you look?" The random question popped out of her mouth, a form of her inquiry ever since she noticed the bored look on his face.

He blinked a few times at that, as slowly a thin brow came over his eyes, " Not really, not many people have the gaul to randomly tell me I look dead." Sure he was pale.. but really. Sounded like something the other blond would say.

A small grin grew on her face at his response, her hands cupping the coffee. "Oh really? It would be safe to say that you don't like this job?" She knew she didn't like hers.

"Its acceptable compared to the other jobs I'd been accepted to work at or been offered..." He said as he folded his hands and then unfolded them and slid his hands into his pockets instead.

She nodded again, stirring her coffee. "I see. Thank you again, then."

" You're welcome, miss.." He said as he would bow his head to her again before heading back to the counter. Sasuke really wasnt an interesting guy, just a tired teenager who worked his days away..

She wasn't used to being called "miss", but Temari nodded again in response. Poor kid, having to call complete strangers by formal titles. Usually she didn't say anything at all. Picking up her fork, she took a bite of the cheesecake, finding the taste very satisfactory.

He sat back at the counter, frowning a little as he stared out the window. He didnt know why everything had been so.. off lately. He wondered if he ahd brought it upon himself or if he was just.. just being paranoid!

After what must have been fifteen or twenty minutes, Temari finished her coffee and cake. Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out the proper amount for a tip and then stood up to go to the counter to pay. A ten dollar bill was offered to Sasuke as she approached the counter.

He nodded to her as he would then allow her to reach just over the countertop before he took the money from her. Flippign it over into the proper position before he would then file the money into the fourth drawer over before holding out the change.

She took it, counting mentally in her mind. "Do you go to school around here?" she asked, dropping her collected change into her pocket.

" Yes, I go to BSUniversity." He said pointing in the schoolg general direction as he would pick up the revept, putting it under the cash drawer to be filed later.

Temari raised an eyebrow, glancing at the direction he was pointing. "Really? Funny, I haven't seen you around."

" I dont go out alot.." He shook his head as he closed his eyes, fingers rubbing at the back of his head sheepishly, Sasuke wasnt really a people person.

She let out a small laugh. "You should. Get a tan or something, so people don't mistake you for the living dead."

" I dont tan.." He stated as he slid his hands into his pockets, " I dont burn either.. I just.. dotn tan."

"Just a suggestion," She replied with a half-shrug.

He shook his head a little as he glanced off to the side, " i'm not good with people.." which was blaitantly obvious by now..

She found the guy curiously similar to her brother, Gaara. Saying that he wasn't good with people was an understatement, though. Gaara wasn't very good with anyone except her and Kankurou. Period. "I see. Well, thanks again. See you around if you change your mind." Temari gave him a small wave before exiting the store.

He blinked as he watched her go, curiously. And for a moment he remained still before a small smile tugged up at the corners of his lips before he shook his head at himself, going to whipe down the counter.

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