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Nara Shikamaru

Who: Shikamaru and Sasuke
What: Shikamaru returns the sweater... and misunderstandings are cleared up.
Where: Sasuke's room
When: Sometime at night.
Warning(s): Nothing.

 Shikamaru grabbed the white sweater off the top of his pile of laundry and folded it neatly. Frowning at the troublesome piece of cloth, he opened the door and left his room, heading to Sasuke's (he'd went to find out where it was just for this) to return the jumper. Nothing more.

In fact, I'll just stand at the door, give this thing back to him, mutter something, and leave.
His frown relaxing a little, he made his way down the corridor.
Sasuke blinked at the disturbance at his door, head tilting backwards for a moment before he grunted. Lifting from the edge of hisbed, hand went to the doorhandle and with a quick  flick of his wrist flung it open. Eyes widened a fraction seeing the other there; but soon he hid his expression, "Something you need?"
"No, I'm only here to give this back," Shikamaru shifted his gaze from Sasuke, pretending not to notice his initial expression. He didn't dare look at the other in the eye. He simply stared at a distant wall behind Sasuke, and thrusted his hand out with the sweater.
He scoffed slightly as he took the sweater from the other, "I must say I am surprised..." He looked it over for a moment before holding it balled in his hands before his lap. " Mmm.. can't look at mem, hmm?" He shook his head a little, "That disgusted with yourself?"
Shikamaru's eyes snapped back to Sasuke's. Provoked, he sneered, "Shut up you. It's not that. I just can't stand the sight of you."
He blinked as he frowned a little, his expressionless face turning downward into a darker expression. "Is. That. So?"
The pony-tailed one stared at him, wondering if he had been a little too harsh. But well, this was it. No more boy-kissing for him. "Yes."
"I see...” He said blandly as he would, throwing the sweater off to the side, " Good to know-- I might have gotten the wrong impression yesterday with your tongue in my mouth."
Slightly taken aback, Shikamaru flushed a little and stuffed a hand into his pocket, fingers twitching. Damn, I was hoping I didn't have to talk about this. "Yesterday," he finally retorted, "was an accident. I was cold, you were warm, and tempting, and that's all."
"Oh, and I was under the impression that you're tongue would have been nice and cozy-- if not warmer-- in your own mouth."
Fingers drumming against the inside of his pocket even faster, Shikamaru felt heat creeping up his face, and hastily decided that he would finally put an end to this. "Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking straight because I was freezing my ass off." He started to turn away from Sasuke and taking one step down the corridor, added, "So, let's just say it never happened. Goodnight."
You know..." He drawled for a moment, a deep scowl on his face, " People say I'm an asshole, bt really I think its you."

Shikamaru stopped in his tracks, and smirked silently to himself. Without turning around, (there was no need to, the place was quiet enough) he sniggered, "Are you feeling...cheated? For your information, I was only using you to warm myself up." Ok, not totally true, but whatever.
"Cheated?" He scowled a little more, “Offended? Angry? Vengeful? Maybe." He shook his head a little, “But maybe that’s your game, I don’t know... I don't like being toyed with. I am human you know."
"What?" Shikamaru spun around, frowning. Noticing the scowl on Sasuke's face, his brows furrowed deeper. "Excuse me, but who's toying with who?? That day, you were the one with your arms all around me and pretty words hanging next to my ear, and the next moment, you ran away." Although he was glaring at Sasuke, outraged by his words, he couldn't help but start drumming his fingers again. He couldn't believe he'd said all that. In fact, he couldn't believe this was happening.
He rubbed his hands together, one hand pressing hard into the other as he looked him over, " I didnt expect you to kiss me."
Shikamaru flushed, and narrowed his eyes, glancing sideways.  Damn him, he didn't have to say it! "Then... what were you expecting?"
I thought maybe you'd beg, or get weirded out an run away.. I didn't really think you were interested."
"As I said, egoistic bastard, I wasn't interested! I was simply cold, and I needed the warmth!"
“Don’t give me that bullshit, I know you're not a dumbass."
"It's true. Anyway, isn't this about why you're feeling cheated? If you weren't expecting anything, what're you expecting now? Roses? A pretty flower for your hair?"
“You’re right. I guess I'm just.. being stupid. Get going already."
"Great. Thank you." Shikamaru scowled, turning away and walking back the way he came from without even looking at Sasuke one last time. He wasn't feeling too happy about the way this'd turned out...well, he hadn't even expected Sasuke to be...sulking, but the thing is, he didn't mean for everything to turn out so bad. So this is what happens when you kiss a guy, I guess. Shikamaru shrugged to no one in particular and he sighed.
Fingers slid along the door for a moment before a hard slam echoed. He didnt even know why he was mad..  Afterall before then he'd had no real interest in that... but it was that same... used... feeling.
"Bam!" Shikamaru cringed upon hearing Sasuke's door, guilt washing over him. Oh no, you bloody better not go back there and make everything even worse.  That's enough trouble already. He once again stopped walking, and stood at that spot for a while struggling within himself. He could just leave it like this, but no, he had to feel guilty. He felt his own feet drag him backwards, back to the damn door. Come on face it, you did... kiss him, after all. Shikamaru was helpless. This time, his mind controlled his body beyond his control. Knock, knock. Just apologise, make sure he doesn't sulk, and end this. Nicely.
" I think you've come back in the wrong direction.." Was the terse answer from the other side of the door as Sasuke had planted himself on the ground and gone about stairing intently at the wall-- which, if it was a weaker wall, might have set fire under the glare.
Shikamaru looked down and raised an eyebrow at Sasuke. Man, this guy is just like... a kid. "...are you sulking, Sasuke<i>-chan</i>? The wall is innocent you know."
" Don't call me Chan." He stated firstly, before growling just a little. " And I am not sulking I am thinking, so lay off."
"What are you thinking about?" Shikamaru stooped down next to Sasuke. "Anyway, I just came back here to apologise for being so rude, and-" he flushed a little- "well, truce? Neither of us expected anything out of that, right?"
He blinked as he glanced over to the other for a moment before looking ahead, " Stupid things..." He rubbed the back of his neck, " I guess.. a truce is fine.."
Standing up again, Shikamaru heaved a sigh of relief that everything was over and he didn't feel... bad. Sleeping patterns would be back to normal then. His frown relaxed as he outstretched his hand downwards to the one still on the floor.
Sasuke sighed a  little as he was helped to a stand, looking the other over for a moment before he leaned to the side, cheeks a bit flush, " Ahhn.. um.. drink?"
"What? Sorry, I didn't catch that." Shikamaru was puzzled by the sudden change in attitude.
"Would you... like a drink..?" Oh what the hell was he doing? Getting himself.. into trouble? Bah, what did it matter.. He shrugged a little, “fuck, I’m not sure what I'm saying."
"...erm, a drink? Now?" Shikamaru was getting even more confused by the minute, though he was very amused at Sasuke.
"Fuck, never mind...” He waved a dismissive hand as he stepped back from the other to sit on the edge of his bed.
Shikamaru frowned. What the hell did Sasuke want now? Wasn't everything ok?
"Eh, what's with you?"
"Nothing.." He leaned back on his arms, giving a dismissive shrug inside that oversized teeshirt. " I'm just being weird; don't worry about it."
"Right..." Raising an eyebrow, he asked, "Are you unsatisfied with the truce... or what?"
"No, it isn’t that.. I mean, if I was unsatisfied why would I agree, and even more so if I was unsatisfied wouldn’t I be.. more aggressive?"
Good point. "Ok.... whatever it is, it's late now, so I'll be going back to my room. You'd better sleep as well."
"Not tired, " He replied dully as he drew his feet up onto the bed, sinking into the softer-then-they-should-be blankets and sheets-- He'd obviously replaced the standard ones with his own.
" can lie there then, I guess. Goodnight." Shikamaru turned around and closed the door gently. Bah, that guy has mood swings just like a girl.
He blinked and rubbed at the back of his neck, how awkward. shifting to the side-- just enough to move from where he'd been sitting-- he slipped up the book he'd been reading before the other had came by and flipped to the next page.
Shikamaru stretched his arms as he walked, giving a huge yawn as he did so. It had been a horribly long night.

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